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If you were asked to select a photograph to be printed on a bar stool, what would you choose? When Atlantic Shopping asked just that, I knew I’d love to see a photograph taken from my travels in Berlin. I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to display my pictures, so often they’re resigned to a digital memory stored away in a forgotten folder. A lover of unique touches to the home, what could be quirkier than seeing your prints on a bar stool? Here’s what I chose:

Berlin :: Festival of Lights
I took this shot during our last visit to Berlin in October. Even though the boy and I had visited to celebrate our birthdays, we were lucky enough to be there during the Festival of Lights. What we saw was simply stunning. Some of Berlin’s most famous landmarks were transformed by images projected upon them. My favourite had to be the beloved Brandenburg Gate. The iconic gate was transformed with roses against the background of the night sky. Even though I’ve seen the Brandenburg Gate numerous times before, I will never again see it in this way. 
What would you like to see printed on a bar stool? 
You can enter the competition here.
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