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What do you wear for a forecast of blustery showers and strong winds? Not a dress, that’s for sure! We awoke to the sound of angry weather, our planned day in Manchester was off the cards. However, with a dress that needed to be returned, staying in was not an option. 

When you think something isn’t going to match, sometimes it turns out looking better than you thought. My mother always taught me never to mix navy and black, nor brown and black. Yet here I am breaking all of her well-meant rules. It’s so rare that I wear skinny jeans, especially with a shirt, but on days like today, practicality wins. 

// Coat :: c/o Joules // Shirt :: ModCloth // Jeans :: Topshop Kristen // Boots :: H&M // Scarf :: Urban Outfitters (Mens) // Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company //

Compared to the dresses that I usually wear, this outfit feels quite boyish. They do say a change is as good as a rest. On this one occasion I think they may be right. Now that we’re 20 days into the 100 day spending ban, I’m finding things buried deep in my wardrobe that I’d forgotten about. Like this ModCloth heart print blouse. Still brand new with tags, it had always seemed a little big around my shoulders. That was over a year ago. Today, it seemed like the perfect fit for me and the weather. 

What are you wearing to battle this frightful weather?
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