What I Wish I Wore :: Gingham, Monochrome and Ochre

ASOS Wish list

Four weeks into the spending ban and I’m feeling the pinch. It started with a black Fedora, spread to a pair of ochre tights and culminated with this gingham dress. Throw in a Sister Jane sailor collared blouse and a pair of Dr Marten bowed Mary Janes and I’m a hopeless addict going cold turkey. Yes my friends, this spending ban is becoming harder than I thought. 

If I was free to spend my pennies on clothes, I would love to layer this Sister Jane sailor blouse underneath this gingham dress, mix it with bright tights, a fedora and a pair of Dr Martens. I’d even want to throw in a leather biker jacket. *Sigh*
On the brighter side, I’m discovering exactly what’s in my wardrobe and finding new outfits from old. Not that it makes it any easier. It seems every shop is stocking Breton, teaming monochrome with mustard and thrusting their new Spring ranges right under my nose. I know! It’s just…well, rude. 
So far, I’ve had three occasions to dress for: two Christening and one birthday meal. When I know I’m going out, I panic. What if I don’t have anything to wear? This time, for real…no crying wolf this time! Putting outfits together makes it so much clearer to see the pieces that my wardrobe is missing. Most of the items I’m lusting after have now sold out. I know I’ll be able to find most again once the ban is over, but for now, a girl can dream?
Have you ever tried a spending ban?
As always, much love,
Donna x

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