Analog Photography :: Friendly Fires on Film

“You and me in a photobooth, 
Waiting for the flash and close the curtain urgently,”
Friendly Fires, Photobooth

There’s something that equally excites and fascinates me about analog photography. Before the ‘digital era’ exploded, there was one chance to capture the moment. A missed opportunity meant a waste of film and a crushing disappointment when the film was developed. Before this era, I was a student trying to balance my love of photography with developing costs.
In 2007, I went to see a little known band that went by the name of Friendly Fires in a small Liverpudlian bar called Korova. You might remember just what a magical treasure trove it was, if you hail from Liverpool. With my trusty camera in tow, I managed to capture some truly terrible and truly wonderful snapshots from the ‘moshpit’. Including these two, that I just couldn’t keep to myself…

Whilst clearing out my digital photographs, I came across a folder imaginatively titled ‘Scanned Photographs’. And there they were, a reminder that I once took photographs at gigs too like the youngsters I see at gigs today. There’s a certain charm about these photographs that make them my favourite from all the gigs I’ve snapped over the years, and there’s been many. They take me back to being the girl with the camera; sweating, crushed but delighted to catch a glimmer of a favourite band. 
I always enjoy seeing developed film, have you read Let’s See? Written by Bas, a girl from Cape Town, it really is a treasure trove of analog photography. 

 Who are your favourite photography bloggers?
Do you take analog photographs at gigs?
Are you a Friendly Fires fan?
As always, much love,
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