Review: Collection Colour Lash Mascara

Review: Collection Colour Lash Mascara

What’s the one beauty product you couldn’t live without? For me, it’s mascara. I don’t wear a lot of make up, through laziness not choice, and you’ll never find me claiming to be an authority on it, but I just couldn’t live without mascara. Over the years, I’ve tried many, varying in prices brackets, but there’s one brand that I always come back to. Collection.
Here are my thoughts on Collection’s Colour Lash All Day Colour Mascara. I chose the colour black, although the range offers brown, electric blue and clear. The mascara  retails at £1.99.

Let’s begin with the packaging. It offers little to please the eye, a sleek black rounded tube with Collection’s iconic silver typography. However, this does not detract me from purchasing or recommending the mascara. Nor, should it bother you, for the true value lies inside the product packaging.
The brush is typical to most budget mascaras. I found it easy to apply the mascara evenly, although it took a couple of uses for the mascara to cover the entirety of the brush. It was easy to separate my lashes using a zigzag motion. However, my lashes took longer than expected to dry, meaning a small under-eye smudge ten minutes later. I count myself as lucky to have naturally longish lashes. Mascaras that promise to lengthen do little to entice me. This does not promise to lengthen, but I found that it covered my lashes well which gave the impression of longer lashes. 
This mascara promises all day colour and does not disappoint. It’s easy to wear, some all day mascaras can feel like heavy plastic on my lids and make my eyes feel tired after hours of wear. Not this one. It feels light on the lashes, as though I’m not wearing mascara and once set, doesn’t budge.
With a few extra minutes of application time, Collection’s Colour Lash gives a natural effect. Using eyelash curlers may have enhanced the mascara and gave me the effect that previous mascaras have. However, this product is a whopping £10 cheaper than my usual brand. For that price, I think I can manage.  

Do you wear Collection mascara?

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