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Manchester Street Art – The Out House Project

To the untrained eye, it’s another piece of graffiti sprouting up seemingly overnight, but look closer and you’ll see that this is art. Public art. The Out House Project to be precise, a unique and eye-catching campaign which transforms Manchester’s Stevenson Square every three months. With the belief art is for anyone and everyone, in the four years since its inception the project has welcomed well-known artists such as Faunagraphic, Jay Sharples and Akse, to name a mere few. 


It’s a project which turns an ordinary trip to Manchester’s Northern Quarter into a real treat. An open air art exhibition. Visiting today, we were pleased to see a lick a paint had welcomed in round 8. Artists Matt Sewell, Richt and Zosen and Mina Hamada take centre stage for Spring.
Richt and Matt Sewell Collaboration
Zosen and Mina Hamada
What do you think of Manchester’s Out House Project?

Manchester Street Art The Outhouse Project

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