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What I Wore in London

“In the city, it’s alright.” 22 Grand Job, The Rakes
Dressing for a city break aint no easy task. Considering the recent storms, lashings of rain and blustery winds, my outfits for two days in London needed to be practical and fit inside a tiny Kanken rucksack. No easy feat, trust me. However, when John surprised me with this gingham dress on Valentine’s Day I knew that he was the one it would be the perfect dress to take to London. 
Waking early on Sunday morning, we checked out of our hotel before 9am to hit the streets of Shoreditch. With the forecast promising at least a morning filled with sunshine, we wanted to see as much of London’s street art as possible before the weather turned. Passing the most quaint and wonderful street en route, it seemed the most perfect setting to share my outfit with you. 
As you know, I’ve been coveting a monochrome dress for the longest time. First setting my sights on The White Pepper smock dress, then the YMC checkerboard dress, until this beauty entered my radar. The Boohoo Polly Dress, perfectly priced at £18. Since the start of the spending ban, I’ve been deleting any tempting emails that come through. I’m working on the premise that if I don’t know it’s there, I won’t want to buy it. Until now. In conversation, I may have mentioned Boohoo’s dupe dress to the boyfriend. 

I’m not alone with my love of monochromed gingham, Helen also blogged about gingham with her ‘This is England’ style FCUK shirt. Perfection. I’m looking forward to layering this dress with a biker jacket, or a chunky knit. It’s the perfect go-to dress, I also wore this on Saturday night when I was supposed to be meeting Erica and Dean. If you hadn’t heard, the weather ruined our plans. Sigh. 
// Dress :: Boohoo // Rucksack :: Fjallraven Kanken //  Boots :: Topshop // Belt :: Topshop // Scarf :: Urban Outfitters (Mens) //

I’ve had to compromise in quality. The buttons feel like they’ll fall off after a few wears and the fabric is thin. However, I don’t care one little bit. I can sew the buttons on tightly and wear an underskirt. If anything, it’s renewed my dedication for the spending ban, 45 days in and 55 to go!

What do you wear on a city break? 
Do you think fashion or comfort? 
Can there ever be both?

As always, much love,

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