‘Some rare delight in Manchester town…that was my favourite dress.’ 
My Favourite Dress by The Wedding Present
Today marks the halfway point of the 100 Day Spending Ban. I’m pleased to report that I’ve made it this far, this far without any purchases. No clothes, shoes or accessories. It’s been a long hard slog, one that has been filled with temptation, gingham patterns and a lot of frustration, but I’m still smiling. The spending ban has made me more aware of my disposable income and I’ve been able to spend my money on other things; things for the home, my summer vacation and day trips away. It’s certainly helping me on my way to my New Year’s resolution of becoming financially responsible. 
So far, it hasn’t been easy. On a recent trip to the local charity shop, as I was donating some clothes I spied a beautiful pastel pink polka dot jumper for £1. Just £1. It would have fit right into my life, making itself a home between my grey marl dress and skinny jeans. But, a ban is a ban. No exceptions. Then, there’s the endless emails that arrive in my inbox daily. The emails that I have to delete straight away before the little voice in my head persuades me to just have a look and see what’s hitting the Spring collections. It’s a saucy little temptress. 
As I write this, I’m trying to contemplate how I’ve survived. I can only attribute my good behaviour to finding key pieces in my wardrobe that I absolutely love. Who would have thought that a plain, fine knit jumper would become one of my favourite items of clothing? I’ve featured every piece of this outfit on Polkadot Pink before, however I find myself drawn to them.

// Coat :: Topshop // Dress :: River Island // Jumper :: H&M // Shoes :: Primark // Bag :: Cambridge Satchel Company // Necklace :: vintage // 

As you know, RachelLena B, and Debbie are also taking on the 100 Day Spending Ban, but have you heard about Emma’s challenge? Recently, whilst procrastinating on Twitter, I happened to catch a tweet from Emma. She is undertaking a challenge with a difference by deciding to give up the high street for an entire year. Yes, you heard me right! A year! Naturally, I was intrigued, so I asked what you’re probably thinking, ‘Where are you allowed to shop?’ Emma tweeted back explaining that she’s hoping to create a unique wardrobe by only allowing herself to buy items from eBay and charity shops. I’m excited to read her updates, her thrifted hauls and curious to know if I’d be able to complete a task such as this. 

Looking back, I would purchase new things almost weekly. Nothing ever too expensive, but every reasonably priced dress adds up. I’m ashamed to admit that a lot of these purchases are still hanging in my wardrobe brand new with tags. To overcome this guilt, in March, I will be eBaying my closet. All over again. If you caught the start of my eBay series last year, you may be pleased to hear that I’ll be bringing it back. Bringing it back when I can offer fresh advice from current experience. 

What will the next fifty days hold? I have no idea. Taking a guess, I’d say a lot of unnecessary lusting after high heels, mooning over handbags and picking out my Spring wardrobe. A girl can dream. 

Have you ever undertaken a challenge that has tested your willpower? 

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