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Today, you’ll find me eagerly sitting by the front door awaiting the post man. You see he has a large package with my name on it. Ooer! It’s the start of Frock Swap! The project that will see me breathing new life into my wardrobe and helping me along the 100 Day Spending Ban. 

You will have heard of the American blog, Flock Together, the blog where North American personal style bloggers swap clothes? We’ve often admired them, their many ways of styling and breathing new life into just one item. We couldn’t think of any UK bloggers swapping clothes in this way, so we thought we’d start!

I’ll be swapping items from my wardrobe with fellow personal style bloggers, Rachel, Erica and Debbie. I’ve often admired their wardrobes; Debbie’s amazing dress design skills, Rachel’s overflowing wardrobe of dresses and Erica’s wardrobe built on pastels and floral. 
Want to see what’s winging its way to our lovely ladies? Here’s the frock I’ll be swapping:

You’ve seen this dress so many times. To say that it’s one of my favourite dresses would be an understatement. I’ve worn it on its own, layered it with a jumper, added a pop of colour with a bright mustard coat and now I’m all out of ideas! So, I’m looking forward to seeing how the ladies will breathe new life into my beloved tartan dress. From Autumn, through to Winter, how will the ladies style this in Spring?

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll be able to see how I styled the clothes winging their way to me. Not to mention how the other ladies will style this dress and one other item I’ll be sneaking into the package.

Frock Swap UK
What do you think? 
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