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Shoreditch Street Art :: A Sneak Peek into Another World

Shoreditch Street Art

Love it, or hate it. Street art is all around us, transforming our urban spaces into visual explosions of colour, or adding intrigue into our landscape. Defined by the Urban Dictionary as art developed in a public place, the Oxford Dictionary merely refers to it as graffiti. Whatever your opinion, there’s little you can do to escape it, and why would you want to? As you know, on our second day in London we chose to spend hours in Shoreditch exploring the many pieces of street art. Here’s what we captured:
Amara Por Dios
L-R 1. Ben Eine 2. Pure Evil 3. Stik
L-R 1. Pure Evil 2. C215 3. My Dog Sighs 4. Malarky
L-R 1. Martin Ron 2. Above
L-R 1. Dscreet 2. Paola Delfin 3. Vanesa Longchamp  4. Malarky
L-R 1. Collaboration // Midge and My Dog Sighs 2. Alice Pasquini 3. C215 4. Run
L-R 1. Invader 2. 3. Collaboration // Midge & My Dog Sighs  4. Ben Eine
L-R 1. 2. Jana & JS 3. Alice Pasquini 4.Alexis Diaz

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