Vote For Me :: StyleFruits Insider’s Tip Nomination

Sometimes, it feels like I’m blogging in a bubble. My own world of monochrome, sprinkled with colour pops and hearts. However, the folks over at InsideFruits, the fashion blog by StyleFruits, have somehow stumbled across my little corner of the Internet. In fact, they’ve nominated me for March’s Insider Tip. Which is, well, mighty kind to say the least. 


Here’s how they described Polkadot Pink:

Yes, this blog is as fun as the name promises. The result of a bucket list, Polkadot Pink is written and run by the lovely Donna, a school teacher by day, blogger by night. Featuring a fun design and gorgeous, colourful photos, Polkadot Pink is a dream to look at, and Donna has the most adorable style ever – the girl can rock a dress and a Peter Pan collar like no other!’
It’s pretty amazing to be featured. I’ve never considered myself a fashion blogger, preferring the term personal style. Blogging is my outlet. At the end of the day, when all the books are marked and plans are set, I need something to take my mind off education. Writing helps me to do that. 
So, help a girl out and VOTE FOR ME?
 You can vote daily by clicking here. Just look for my little face and click the circle next to me. 
Let me know if you vote, so I can thank you!
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