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Frock Swap UK :: Day Trippin’ with the George bag

‘She was a day tripper, a one way ticket yeah’
Day Tripper, The Beatles
It had been one of those weeks. The kind of week when your feet don’t touch the floor, coming up for air is a luxury and life passes by in a blur! So, when the weekend arrived, I was ready to spend time with my friends and to celebrate my first anniversary with the boy. Just one problem, tonsillitis. Maybe it’s because I was run down, but my sore throat ensured a 4.30am wake up call on Friday morning. I was not a happy bunny. However, I was determined to enjoy the weekend almost as planned. Originally, we’d planned to visit Bowness in the Lake District, the place where it all began. Aching muscles and a throat of razor blades forced us to be more realistic, so we headed into Liverpool. 
As it’s been uncharacteristically warm here, hello spring time, it’s been refreshing to lay the winter coats to rest and say hello to lighter layers mixed with colour pops. This time, it’s colourful brights thanks to George at Asda. When they heard about our master plan to swap unloved and overly loved items from the depths of our wardrobe, they decided to help us out by allowing us to choose two items each to swap from their range. Naturally, I chose a satchel. It’s an iconic accessory that I wear daily. I’m interested to see how Erica, Debbie and Rachel will mix it up. 

Did you see what Erica chose? A mustard pinafore dress with my name written all over it. As you can imagine, I’m incredibly excited to receive that package. However, on Saturday, I received Rachel’s George picks. As Erica said, Rachel had chosen the biker jacket with the intention of challenging Erica. However, what she didn’t forsee was just how challenging the dainty floral blouse would be for me. But, that’s the best part of the frock swap. It’s pushing our boundaries and forcing us to be creative in a wardrobe where we can’t buy items to match. Oh no, the spending ban has put a stop to that! Speaking of challenging, Debbie chose a kimono. I’ve never worn a kimono in my life, but my, it’s stunning. 

So, with tonsillitis turning me into the Grinch that stole our anniversary, we strolled through the historic side of Liverpool. John wanted to show me a Banksy piece and I fancied a bit of fresh air. I can’t say I was overly impressed with the Banksy piece, but it was refreshing to see a side of Liverpool that I rarely see anymore. If you haven’t visited the historic side, you should, even if it’s just for an hour. Every corner holds a surprise.

// Dress :: Topshop // Satchel :: c/o George at Asda // Shoes :: Topshop // Biker Jacket :: George at Asda* // Scarf :: H&M // Denim Shirt :: ASOS //
With our stomachs grumbling, our stroll led us into the centre of Liverpool and past Matthew Street, where the revellers were already celebrating the makings of St Patrick’s Day. Passing a florist, I was totally taken with these shamrocks! Sweet, right? With the lure of John Lewis, Urban Outfitters and a huge Forever 21, I took the boy to my favourite haunt for a liquid lunch. A liquid lunch of soup that is, what were you thinking? 
So, how have you been? Are you enjoying this first taste of spring?

As always, much love, 
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