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Frock Swap UK :: Tangled Up in Blue

‘And I was standing on the side of the road, rain falling on my shoes…tangled up in blue.’
Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan
It’s a strange feeling wearing clothes that belong to somebody else. 

Last week, the arrival of Rachel‘s #FrockSwapUK goods, c/o George at Asda, sent me into a spin. It got me thinking: when we build a wardrobe of clothes, we naturally select what we like or what we think will suit us. If you’re like me, we find ourselves buying different variations of the same style. My mother will often roll her eyes whilst shopping and say, ‘Not another polka dot dress.’ We like what we like and there’s a sense of security in that. So, when this dainty, sheer china blue floral blouse arrived through my letterbox, I’ll admit that I was clueless. 

Earlier in the month, we saw Rachel style it here with a trademark Fedora and biker jacket. Chic. Rachel’s blouse, biker jacket with a touch of pastel blue nail polish combination was simply perfect in my eyes. It was the type of go to outfit we all long for for in those times when a quick drink turns into an evening out. Now that it was my turn to style the blouse, I wondered how I’d add my own spin to it. When you buy a piece of clothing, you usually have plans of how to style it or how you’ll wear it, otherwise why would you buy it? This blouse was something out of my comfort zone. I finally decided to wear it casually for a Sunday morning stroll. 

On Saturday, I spent the entire day marking assessment papers, leveling extended writing and planning for the weekend. Who says teachers don’t earn their holidays? When Sunday arrived, I was itching to clear away the cobwebs and get a little fresh air. Not to mention, wear my ‘new to me’ blouse before I had to send it onwards. I chose it team it with this H&M claret jumper which I bought from their Autumn/Winter 2012 range. It’s one of the cheapest jumpers I own, yet one of my favourites. 
Now that Spring is almost upon us, I’ve dipped into my wardrobe and rediscovered some of my favourite pieces. My handbag and shoes are quality leather pieces that I invested in years ago, before I was a homeowner (read: crippled by a mortgage). Whilst it’s some time until I’ll be getting my pastey white legs out, it’s good to have a change from the winter basics that have almost become a uniform. 
// Blouse :: Rachel’s c/o George // Jumper :: H&M // Jeans :: Topshop // Handbag :: Topshop // Shoes ::Hudson//
It’s a strange feeling wearing clothes that belong to somebody else. It can feel as though you’re playing dress up, or playing a different character. However, it can also be a break from the norm. I’ve never worn jeans as much as I have recently. Don’t they say, a change is as good as a rest?
Don’t forget to visit Rachel, Erica and Debbie to see how they styled the items I was sent!
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