What I Wore :: 100 Day Spending Ban, Almost There!

‘Heaven claps, light refracts, make a rainbow out of black, don’t look back’
Thank God I Was Dreaming by Outfit
Today, I uttered those immortal words to my other half, “I’m fed up of everything in my wardrobe! I’ve got nothing to wear!” whilst standing half-dressed in my bright orange Miffy pyjamas, growing red faced and proverbially spitting out my dummy. It must have taken every ounce of restraint for the boy not to laugh in my face. Instead, he calmly uttered the words that were intended to allay my fears, “We’re only going to your mum’s.” Admittedly, only going to my mum’s house to take round bread and milk for her return home from holiday later this evening. Did this help? What do you think? Although, by the time I’d discovered my new favourite lipstick, No 7’s ‘Coral Rose’, I was in a slightly better mood and willing to re-negotiate with the content of my wardrobe. If my calculations are correct, it’s day 83 of the 100 day spending ban and I’m running out of options! I’m currently awaiting Rachel’s parcel of Frock Swap goodies, an amazing handmade dress by Debbie and Erica’s George picks. With most of my George items and previous swaps winging their way to Debbie, I was in no man’s land. 
You see, when the sun comes out, I lose all logical thinking and become a raving looney. I’m not exaggerating. Fifty per cent of my wardrobe is out of the question if it involves me getting my pasty white pins out. It’s even a challenge to reveal my arms. With no clothes being purchased since the 6th January, I’m growing increasingly frustrated when I can’t build an outfit because it’s missing a simple ingredient; a pair of coloured tights, a matching handbag or a pair of ballet pumps. With the temperature warming up outside, I reached for this old and forgotten Peter Pan collared top from a Topshop concession. 

The least said about my ghostly arms the better, but can we appreciate these Lotta from Stockholm clogs? You’ve seen them here before (oh, and here too!), I bought them at the tail end of last summer and barely wore them, suede and rain, no no no. With the temperature hitting 20 degrees today, I know, right?, they were perfect for the trip into the countryside to my mum’s house. 

In a way, it’s felt good to dress in some ye olde favourites. It’s been such a treat having new to me items sent my way and has definitely helped me get through this spending ban, but it’s been great to rediscover some of the more quirkier clothes I own and dress as me. This mightn’t be the most sophisticated, elaborate or well put together outfit, but it’s a go to outfit. In the true spirit of blogging, this is the other side of me. 

It was the perfect day for a drive into the countryside and we were very tempted to put the car roof down at one point. Until we realised that, this is England and also March. Instead, we spent a little longer in my parents’ garden just soaking up the sun. As I’ve mentioned, the past few weeks have passed by in a blur of long hours working. Next weekend marks the start of the Easter break, something I’m more than ready for. 

With my mother being on holiday, we’ve decided to celebrate on a different day. I, for one, hope that on our day the weather is just as beautiful. We’ve had a taste of summer and I like it. Although, my wardrobe doesn’t. 17 days to go, hey?

How have you spent Mothering Sunday?
As always, much love,
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