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Frock Swap UK :: The George (Faux) Leather Jacket Love Song

’10 years on and 2001 is long gone, so I didn’t want to write another leather jacket love song’
Leather Jacket Love Song by The Cribs

Back in 2001, I owned the perfect leather jacket. It was skin tight, made by Topshop and made me feel like the proverbial bee’s knees. It never left my back. I wore it to my first real gig at 16 to see The Hives in Liverpool. The Mooney Suzuki supported and my front row position ensured a smattering of beer and sweat mixed with tinnitus defying guitar riffs. It made me feel rebellious, it was a school night after all. This was before I knew the heritage that’s ingrained in the threads of every biker jacket. At 16, I’d yet to develop a love of The Clash, understand the story of the Sex Pistols or knew the delights awaiting for me in Crystal Castles. Thirteen years on, whilst my original jacket may be a mere memory confined to ticket stubs and analogue photography, my love of a biker jacket remains. Whilst I’m no longer pairing them with the band tee shirts I collected at gigs as expensive souvenirs, or flared jeans, a biker jacket remains one of my personal style staples. 

When this George faux leather biker jacket dropped through my letter box, as part of the Frock Swap challenge (#frockswapuk), I knew that I’d have no trouble styling it in my own way. By now, you surely know that the foundations of my wardrobe are built on cute prints, bows, nautical and monochrome. Sometimes, I fear it’s a combination that can go either way, twee or toddler, but for my personal style, it’s all in the detail. Adding a biker jacket helps me to retain my edge and reign it all in. 

This was Rachel‘s second Frock Swap item from George. I’d like to think we both put our own blogger personal touch to it. You can see how Rachel put her unique stamp on it, here. Different, hey? I can’t wait to see how Debbie and Erica make their mark with this beauty.

// Faux Biker Jacket :: c/o George // Blouse :: Forever21 // Fine knit jumper :: H&M // Skirt :: Asos // Brogues :: Faith // Satchel :: Primark //

It’s fair to say, there have been many biker jackets since and there’ll undoubtedly be more to come. After all, Rachel is pretty eager to get her mitts back on this beauty and I can see why. I have always, and will always, be a huge fan of the biker jacket. Maybe it’s because it’s such a transitional piece, there’s little in anyone’s wardrobe that won’t match the biker. But maybe, just maybe, I’m reliving a piece of my musical history each and every time I don a biker jacket.

What’s your take on a biker jacket?
Love ’em or loathe ’em?
As always, much love,
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