Beauty Review :: The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Set

I have a confession. When it comes to looking after my skin, I’m terribly lazy. Lazy to the point of negligent. It’s only when my skin starts to look parched and sallow that I consider treating it to a dab of moisturiser, or a squidge of shower gel.  Looking after my skin has always felt like a chore. It’s fair to say I need a pretty good incentive to treat my skin. So, when The Body Shop stepped in and asked if I’d like to sample one of their strawberry shower sets, how could I say no?

To call myself a beauty blogger would be a far stretch of anyone’s imagination, however that doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in beauty products. Of course I am. I mean, who doesn’t want to look or feel their best? The set that I was sent contained: Strawberry Body Polish (75ml), Body Butter (50ml), Born Lippy Lip Balm (10ml) and Strawberry Shower Gel (60ml).

First of all, the packaging is simply stunning. Pretty, reusable packaging gets a huge thumbs up from me.  I know that The Body Shop ethos is to reduce and minimize packaging, but top marks for creating something that is reusable in so many ways. That said, I’m intending to use it to store my summer nail varnishes. 

I received the products before a spa day with one of my dearest friends. Knowing that I’d be wearing a swim suit, I decided to use the products to pamper my skin. Starting with the body scrub, I applied it in circular motions on my upper arms. Maybe I was too vigorous, it left my arms red and slightly stinging like no other scrub ever has but all uneven, bumpy skin (too much?) had gone revealing smooth skin… after just one use! Towel dry, I slathered on the body butter. I’ve no doubt that you’ve tried The Body Shop’s body butters before, but this butter left my skin feeling soft for days. Even after showering.

I’m no stranger to shower gel from The Body Shop. At Christmas, the treasures that I teach have been known to surprise me with The Body Shop shower gels and so I was familiar with their mouth-watering scents. However, I was not prepared for strawberry. As soon as I popped off the cap, the most delicious scent wafted into my nostrils. Imagine strawberry Hubba Bubba and you’re close! At 60ml, they’re a handy size to pop into my swimming bag to combat the dreaded smell of chlorine. This came with me to the spa and back home to the shower, until I’d used it all up…within a week. What can I say? It’s the smell!

The Born Lippy balm has been my go to product. It fits perfectly into the front section of my satchel and gives my lips a subtle hint of colour. Helping me to look polished, when I’m so rushed that I barely have time to eat. 

Are you a Body Shop fan?
What’s your favourite product?
*Product sent for review, opinions are my own.*

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