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‘Heartbeat, why do you miss when my baby kisses me?’
Heartbeat by Buddy Holly

There comes a point when enough is enough. The styles you once coveted just don’t cut the mustard anymore, and so you begin itching for change. Clearly, I’m speaking from personal experience. With the spending ban almost over, I now have a list the length of my arm of must have items. You can blame the fact that it is the Easter holidays and I have far too much time on my hands. I’m not complaining. As I’m recovering from my constant bouts of illness, I’ve had plenty of time to clear out my clothes. Over the past 95 days, I haven’t bought a single item of clothing, however I have been oh so fortunate to have been receiving ‘new to me’ clothing as part of Frock Swap UK. Every two weeks, a bundle of clothing has fell through the letter box, clothing that somebody else has chosen. Styling clothes that you wouldn’t necessarily choose yourself has been a huge eye opener, it’s been bloody marvellous. As a result, I’ve realised that the things I thought didn’t suit me, actually do. 

Let’s take this F&F geometric jacquard mini skirt, for example. This was one of my two F&F picks. It’s not something that I’d usually choose and I have to say, it felt a bit of a risk at the time. However, when it arrived, a simple quip of, ‘You look like a Heartbeat extra,’ from the boy made me think that 60’s wear wasn’t a far cry from my usual taste.  Ignoring the Gina remarks, I pictured this skirt with nude high heels, a peter pan collared sheer blouse with a pastel pink bag. As I own none of these items, yet, I considered how I’d wear it for the everyday. 

// Skirt :: c/o F&F at Tesco // Jumper :: H&M // Jacket :: George* (similar here)// Necklace :: F&F* // Boots :: Topshop //

And this is what I concluded, a fine knit fluffy jumper from H&M with a statement necklace from F&F. When the weather warms up, I can’t wear to wear this skirt with a pair of block heeled pumps. With that said, take a look at how Debbie styled it. Totally different, but totally rocking it. The prettiest gelato I’ve seen in a long, long time!

Pretty and fun, hey?
With so many clothes that are simply just not me anymore, I’ve been eBaying more than ever. Soon, I’ll be blogging my eBay tips for beginners. If you’re looking for a bargain, simply click shop underneath my header to be directed to my eBay account or click here.
What are you coveting for Spring?
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