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I always love to see bloggers share their homes, so today I wanted to share mine with you! This is my £12 budget spare room, I’ve nicknamed it that because every thing else has been given to me. Come on in!

The spare room. Traditionally a place for your friends and loved ones to rest their heads when they’ve travelled far to see you or maybe when they’ve had a few too many. Maybe yours is a multi-purpose space? Practical but functional? Not mine. Sadly, my spare room resembled a dumping ground. A room with no identity, a waste of a room.
You see in July 2013, I took full ownership of a semi-detached house after splitting from my ex-partner. We’d been together for seven years and it just wasn’t working. It was the forever house that was, well, not for forever. With a mortgage still to pay, the only viable solution was to buy him out. With the help from my parents, they managed to buy his share of the house. Of course, I’m eternally grateful they helped me out of a sticky situation. But paying a mortgage and bills solo doesn’t leave many pennies for home decor and so the room sat unloved!
That was until a £12 Asda duvet set changed my mind. When I started the spending ban, I found myself with a few extra pennies. With a ‘love note’ pastel pink feature wall, I invested in the potting birds shed set. Clearing out the junk, I relished in the girlishness that the bedding set brought. With the help of my dad, I moved my wardrobe out of my bedroom into the spare room, and also my bedside cabinet, and voila! The makings of a pretty dressing room was born! My mum kindly gave me a clothes rail and I rescued the headboard from her before she could take it to the tip!
The art deco style door handles are original. The lady who had the house before me was a spinster and a school teacher, she had bought the house in 1937 and had stayed until she died. I love that the house retained so many features.
A simple white clothes rail may not look pretty, but I love being able to flick through my dresses when I’m lacking inspiration. It makes it so much easier to see what I have. Since having the rail, I’ve worn many more dresses and cleared out many. To eBay they go!
Whilst I may not have curtains yet, I’m pretty pleased with how this room has turned out. I’ve often found myself sitting on the bed, with a brew, soaking up the final rays of the day’s sunshine. 
What’s your spare room like?
Practical, functional or messy?
What do you think of this girly, budget look?
As always, much love,
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