Spring Time Gladness

Don’t you think spring is the best time of the year? Now that the clocks have gone back, I’m relishing the extra hours of sunlight, and boy, haven’t we had some sun? It’s been absolutely beautiful up here in the North of England, cloudless blue skies and rooms basked in warm sunlight. It’s been so lovely that I’ve started to put bedding plants in my front garden, despite my father’s warning of the dangers of frost. Whilst I mightn’t have been many places during this Easter break, I’ve had a week of spring cleaning.  I’ve cleaned my house from top to bottom, exciting, hey? Maybe not, but I’ve bit the bullet and cleared out clothes, shoes and bags that I haven’t worn in ages. Isn’t clearing out addictive? I want to get rid of more and more! To have room again in my wardrobe is so refreshing. Mostly, they’ve gone to eBay or are going to charity, I’ve also binned so much! Old, worn out pairs of shoes, half-bottles of toiletries and shoe boxes. Useless junk that I was holding on to. Whilst I’m still feeling run down, I’m starting to feel so much better in myself. A huge thanks for your lovely well wishes. 
Putting it simply, I’m ready for spring. 
Come Friday, I was ready to ditch the sweat pants and wear something pretty with a bit of make up. The sheer expression on the postman’s face on Friday morning when I greeted him make up free and in Batman pyjamas told me enough was enough. Switching off Homes Under the Hammer, finishing off the last morsels of my peanut butter bagel, I decided today was the day to debut Erica’s dress. This floral beauty is a pinafore dress from the G21 range at George, this was Erica’s choice as part of #FrockSwapUK.
When Erica chose this dress, she said it had my name written all over it. Mustard, florals and burgundy? I don’t know what you mean. Oh, but I did. It was indeed very me. With that in mind, I decided to lay off the black opaque tights and the burgundy geek shoes that I had earmarked for this dress and do something very out of character for me. I decided to get my legs out. You know what? It made me feel very girly, indeed. 
 Dress :: c/o G21 at George 
Blouse :: H&M (last summer)
Denim jacket :: Topshop 
Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company 
 Shoes :: Topshop 
Bracelet :: Primark
I just love the colours in this dress. In my opinion, the mustard and burgundy colours make it the perfect dress to transcend the seasons. If you need proof, simply take a look at how Erica and Rachel have styled this beauty so far. One of the best things about swapping clothes, apart from having new to me clothes every two weeks, is seeing how we approach styling the same outfit. It’s definitely forced me to be more creative. 
Erica of being Erica
Rachel of Rachel the Hat
So, on Monday, this beauty if reluctantly being sent on the Debbie. I’m looking forward to how Debbie applies her fun use of colour to style this pinafore.
Would you ever consider swapping your clothes?
What do you think of the G21 pinafore dress?
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