Midi Skirts for Short Girls

Midi Skirts for Short Girls

Well folks, we made it! Here we are on the other side of the spending ban. 100 days. 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 days! Without any calculations necessary, that’s a very, very long time to go without shopping. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that my ban officially ended at 3.43pm on the 15th of April. Day 100. The moment that I thrifted a beautiful, cropped sixties style Zara swing jacket. Complete with an over-sized collar, its large, chunky black buttons had me at ‘Ooh!’. It didn’t take me long to decide it was coming home with me. 
This might sound like an impulse buy. However, throughout the spending ban I’ve learnt so much about myself and my wardrobe that an impulse buy seems nigh on impossible. I’ll be blogging ‘Lessons the Spending Ban Taught Me’ soon, but the biggest personal lesson I’ve learned is that I don’t really need that dress/blouse/bag (delete as applicable), I just really want it. Being able to differentiate between want and need is something I’m hoping to hold on to when I’m a free woman. 
Even with #FrockSwapUK helping to curb my shopping impulses, I’ve had to delve deep in my wardrobe. Since January, my personal style has evolved. In my mind, I’m developing my ‘grown up’ style but my wardrobe still yells twee. So, when faced with a day filled with sunshine (yes, really) I found the urge to wear a midi skirt overwhelming. 

Funny story, my mum once told me that petite girls shouldn’t wear skirts under the knee (pah!). Since then, I’ve only ever owned one midi skirt. The illicit skirt is indeed the one you see here. I bought it in the sale for £4. An impulse buy back in late summer, 2012. Maybe it’s because my style has changed, maybe it’s because I now have things to match, but it was just perfect for a sunlit stroll in the local village. 

// Breton tee :: F&F at Tesco // Mustard Skirt :: Peacocks // Sunglasses :: Orla Kiely // Wedge flats :: Topshop // Handbag :: Topshop //
I don’t know why I listened, petite girls can wear midi skirts with a few clever tricks. How to Wear : Midi Skirt for Petite Girls by Sarah of Temporary Secretary helped me to see that a heel (I’m compromising with these wedge flats) and a slightly higher waist band can work wonders for us petite ladies.
So, now that the spending ban is complete, how will I be spending my day? Shopping of course… in my new Zara jacket. Thrift shopping to be precise. I have a bag of clothes, shoes and books to donate. I’m hoping the thrifting Gods will reward me with bountiful finds in return, here’s hoping!
Are you a petite girl? 
How do you wear a midi skirt?

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