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We’ve all been there. A new dress comes into your life and suddenly, it becomes your go-to. You just. cannot. stop. wearing it. Over two weeks ago, this lovely smock dress arrived through my letter box as part of Frock Swap UK. Since then, it has accompanied me to birthday dinners, shopping trips, pottering in pretty villages…you name it. It got to a point where I had to force myself to wash it, package it up and seal it ready to send back to its rightful owner, Debbie (and to stop me wearing it any more!) What can I say? I bloomin’ love this dress. 
On one of the dress’ days out, the boy and I decided to make the most of a day off and took a sunny drive over the hills to Hebden Bridge. If you’ve never visited Hebden Bridge, you can discover more about the small town here. When we visited, it was one of those days. Sunny, then overcast, warm, then windy. Fear not! Go-to dress to the rescue. 
// Dress :: Debbie’s (Primark) // Bag :: Topshop // Denim Jacket :: Topshop // Geek Shoes :: Primark // Necklace :: H&M //
This isn’t how I envisaged sharing this dress with you. Oh no. Picture golden sunsets, curls, a fedora and chestnut brown riding boots and you’re close, but life gets in the way. Dream on, dreamer! Do you ever have a creative idea for an outfit but wimp out when it just seems too impractical for the occasion? I’ll admit it, I often do. This outfit was fit for comfort and for a lazy Sunday afternoon in Hebden Bridge with the boy.
Happy Easter folks! 
How have you been spending your time off?

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