Frock Swap UK :: Rachel’s Aztec Dress mixed with a Statement Necklace

If there’s one thing Frock Swap has taught me, it’s that I’m bloody small. Some may politely refer to it as being petite. In all  honesty, my legs are short, as are my arms and, you guessed it, so is my body. But, at least I’m in proportion. It can make certain clothes difficult to wear with dresses gaping over my shoulders, or reaching a frumpy length. But not this dress. Hurrah, a dress that fits and pretty well, I might add. Sure, it’s a longer length but I prefer that to flashing my rugby thighs*. Thanks to Frock Swap UK, many items have come my way that have started to make me rethink the way I dress. This being one of them. 

This Florence & Fred aztec tailored shift dress was Rachel‘s choice for Frock Swap UK and I have to be honest, it’s not something I would have picked. Being a teacher, I wear tailored dresses for work and so this element would have made me pigeon hole it under ‘work wear’ and dismiss this beauty of a dress. Thank God that Frock Swap UK has opened my mind a little more and enlightened me. 

// Dress :: c/o F&F (on sale) // Shirt :: Charles Tyrwhitt (via eBay) // Necklace :: Primark // Clutch :: New Look // Boots :: Primark // Faux Leather :: G21 at Asda* //

You know how much I love to layer a shift dress. I chose to play on the tailored element and team it with a Charles Tyrwhitt tailored shirt. I’m can’t get enough of statement necklaces, so I added a girly touch with this necklace from Primark. It’s been sat with tags on for over a year (yes, I hope you’re tutting with disdain!). We photographed this dress over the Easter holidays whilst I was up in Lancashire with the boy. I chose comfortable footwear over court shoes. However, with a leather, I think this relaxes the tailoring. When I read Rachel’s post last Friday, I found it interesting to see that we’d both wore this dress for date night!

Here’s how Rachel wore it:

I’m not going to ask who styled it best, because I’m totally smitten with Rachel’s edgy choice of bare legs and boots. Not to mention the colour of that bag! So, onward the dress travels to Debbie. As always, I’m intrigued to see how Debbie mixes it up with her love of colour and mod tendency!

The only question left to ask is, will you be buying this £12 dress?
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*Rugby thighs gifted to me by my family genes. Sure we have great rugby players in our family, sadly it’s not a career role I can fill but no one told my thighs!

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