Isn’t it amazing how much more you can squeeze into your day when you wake just that little bit earlier? Yesterday was one of those days. Satisfyingly long. It’s not that I did anything wonderful, I spent the majority of the day marking extended writing, planning and doing laundry but being up a couple of hours earlier meant I could squeeze in a trip to my favourite charity shop. Albeit, on the pretense that I was only there to donate some dresses. Hmmm.

Fooling no one, I donated my goods and decided to have a quick glance on the clothes rail. At first, I thought my luck was out. I’d seen so many brand new and tagged clothes, but none in my size. I stumbled upon a black cut work detailed H&M fine knit top that I’d spied last week but had decided against buying. With one top in hand, I’d decided the thrifting Gods weren’t on my side. 
Until, I spied this Zenit EM camera. Russian made, these cameras are true vintage beauties. At £5, it would either be a bargain vintage camera or an expensive ornament. Before I could tear myself from the books, a gentleman inquired about the price. Explaining he wanted it to take pictures of birds, he made his excuse of researching and said he would be back. Researching birds on eBay, I’ll bet. No one bought his story. When I went over to take a look, the elderly lady behind the till told me it was mine if I wanted it. That I did, thank you very much. 

One of the many reasons that I return to this charity shop is because of their pricing. It’s fair and reasonable, each item of clothing is £2. I’m happy to take a risk on certain things for this reason. I just hope they can make enough to support their cause. That said, I’ve never been in there when it’s quiet. There always seems to be shoppers there.

Their books are even more reasonable, hardbacks 30p and paperbacks 10p. How many charity shops are overflowing with overpriced, tatty books? I managed to pick up this hardback vintage book about garden wildflowers. It’s bursting with colourful illustrations. Originally, I thought it would make a good resource to laminate for my science topic of plants at school. However, the flowers are just too pretty to ignore. I’m now planning to hang them in my kitchen. For the grand sum of 10p, I also managed to pick up Mark Radcliffe’s book, Reelin’ in the Years.

Not bad for less than an hour’s work! 
Total spend? £7.20
What have you been thrifting recently?

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