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Gingham and Brights

Gingham and Brights

Oh, how I am living for the bank holiday weekend right now. It’s been such a long week already, and it’s only Tuesday! Bring back sunshine filled weekends, or please speed the next one closer. On Sunday, the boy and I headed home to my parents’ house for family lunch. I always love going home, my folks live in a rural area, just out of town. The drive home is so wonderful right now. It’s as though Spring has suddenly landed, it never fails to put me in a good mood. 

With the sun making an appearance, I decided to wear my new Duck and Duffel gingham dress. Handmade by Debbie, this is the gingham dress of my imagined dreams! When I saw she was selling it, we made a deal, a swap and I’m now the proud owner of a perfectly fitting dream dress. Even the  boy kept commenting on how it, ‘fit like a glove‘. Imagine it in his Lancashire tones and you’ll understand why I’m smiling. Speaking of the boy, I’m sure you’ll agree, he’s really done me proud with these photos. 
When I lived at home, I took a lot of things for granted. The peace and quiet, beatific views and of course, the company and support of living with my parents. One thing I don’t miss is their wifi dongle, no that’s not a euphemism. They can’t get broadband where they live, loading up a webpage can take minutes. So, it’s good to go back, even for an afternoon to stroll around the countryside and enjoy the peace.
// Gingham Dress :: Duck and Duffel // Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company // Flats :: Topshop // 
It’s fair to say I’ve fallen for this dress. I’ve already mentally packed it for the boy and I’s European travels in summer. Last year saw me shivering in a cotton sun dress on the steps of a rainy Slovakian castle. Never again. Hopefully, this dress will be the perfect balance. I’m gravitating towards monochromes with splashes of brights at the moment. I’ve just bought a new jacket in, you guessed it, monochrome. I’m blaming the spending ban, I’m so fearful of buying expensive clothes and not wearing them. Monochrome matches everything.
What are you most looking forward to over the bank holiday weekend?

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