Neon Brights and Monochrome

I think it’s fair to say, I’m having a love affair with pops of colour. The spending ban really helped me see that my personal style is evolving. Yes, I still enjoy a polka dot print or a nautical collar, but blocks of colour are helping me to satisfy the urge I have to get rip it up and start again. (Who said I didn’t like the 80s?) But clothes are an expensive commodity and starting from scratch just isn’t an option. 
Being frugal has helped me to see that there are some hidden gems lurking behind the printed dresses. Ironically, it’s also made me place a higher value on buying items made to last, even when they cost more. 
This month, I’ve bought few clothes but what I have invested in are key pieces. Finally, my patience has paid off and I have found a new pair of boyfriend jeans. I’ve also purchased a statement monochrome jacket. In petite. In the SALE! Score! I’m really looking forward to sharing these pieces with you. 
So far, I’ve been remixing basics to create new outfits. Like this F&F neon yellow camisole top I purchased during the Debt Free Direct supermarket challenge in March. Finally, I’ve found a perfect match for this monochrome blazer, it’s sat unloved and unworn for years. One key piece I invested in are these Betsey Johnson heels. I love the pink edging and floral patterned heels. They are the perfect go to heel. 
// Blazer :: Next // Jeans :: Topshop Kristen // Camisole :: F&F* // Necklace :: F&F* // Heels :: Betsey Johnson // Handbag :: c/o F&F (similar here)// 
You may have seen this handbag before. As part of Frock Swap UK, Rachel chose this neon orange bag and teamed it with her aztec dress. I love how the neon simply pops when placed with darker colours. For a girl who thought neon was an out of bounds trend, I’m absolutely loving this season’s trend. 
What trends are you loving?

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