Boyfriend Jeans and Clashing Prints

Boyfriend jeans. Easy to wear, go to denim at its finest. Their predecessor, skinny jeans, may no longer apply. For I, have found a new favourite pair of jeans. Whilst, they may not have rips, nor distressed detailing, yet, their loose fit combined with turn ups has made them my first choice this weekend. Whilst I know boyfriend jeans aren’t new, they’re new to me…a petite curvy girl who finds jeans shopping a bloody nightmare. 
So, where have I found these wondrous jeans you ask? Tesco. Cherokee to be precise. Leaving the changing room midweek,frustrated after trying on yet another pair of ill-fitting skinny jeans, I spied these hanging on the returns rail. Deciding to be adventurous, I found they were the perfect fit. At £20, 

// Boyfriend Jeans :: Cherokee (similar here) //
// Petite Geometric Textural Biker Coat :: F&F (here) //
// Leopard print pumps :: c/o Shoe Zone (here) //
// Beaded collar blouse :: Urban Outfitters //
// Fedora :: Radley // 
Is there anything that can’t be worn with boyfriend jeans? I purchased this jacket (also F&F) on a whim in the online sale. Monochrome, tick. Lightweight jacket, tick. Petite, TICK. Bought! F&F have really impressed me with their range of affordable but on trend pieces. This was £22 and feels so much more expensive. It’s the perfect fit. 
Whilst I’m in no doubt how versatile these jeans are going to be, I chose to pair it with leopard print pumps for a Sunday spent strolling in a Yorkshire town. At just under £8, these pumps feel like slippers. Made of fabric, it’s unlikely they’ll see me past summer but I think I’ll have had my wear out of them by then.

The sensibility instilled during the spending ban still lives on. Most clothing I’ve bought since has been returned, deemed unsuitable or too expensive. I’ve become so incredibly selective, completely shunning twee prints or seeking clothes that can be worn for numerous occasions. At £42, my latest buys should update my wardrobe without breaking the bank.
What have you been buying recently?
As always, much love,

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