Every once in a while, I buy something on eBay that I really shouldn’t. Perhaps it’s too expensive, perhaps I don’t need it or maybe the risk is just too great. In this case, the latter was certainly true. But, who can resist a vintage floral print made up of brights? Especially when it’s my new found favourite skirt style, the midi. When I spied this vintage Jaeger skirt on eBay, with 10 days left to bid, I added it to my watch list and watched it like a hawk. Nervously bidding with 11 seconds left to go (yes, I’m one of those) it became mine for the sum of £7. Not exactly mega bucks, but a lot of money to waste if it wasn’t right.
Arriving home late Friday afternoon after a long week at work, I hastily packed my bags and drove to Burnley to see the boy. We’d made loose plans to eat out but had no idea where, so this vintage skirt seemed like the perfect thing to throw on. En route we decided to go for a drive whilst the sun was setting and visit the Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley’s panopticon. 
I’ve yet to decide if I’ll keep this skirt. It fits into my wardrobe like a dream, but it’s not the most flattering of cuts. Maybe when I miraculously shift this stone that’s bugging me? As we were walking to the tree, I was struck that I was wearing the same hat and shoes here in this post. I like to tell myself it’s a sure sign of a good investment!
It’s been a busy old week! It seems I’ve spent the week preparing, the residential outdoor trip I’m taking next week with our year 6 and Sunday’s ‘Style Wars’ challenge with The Mall Blackburn has certainly taken time to plan for. I’ll be telling you all about the Style Wars challenge next week, but for now…wish me luck!
// Skirt ::  Jaeger (vintage, via eBay) // Clogs :: Lotta from Stockholm // Tee :: Primark // Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company // Necklace :: F&F // Hat :: Radley //
How was your week?

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