In every group of girl friends, there’s always the kimono girl. What do I mean by this? Well, the kimono girl is always impeccably dressed for each and every occasion, whether it be a quick bite to eat or a trip to the theater. You can usually find the kimono girl with matching nail varnish and a handbag to be envious of. Their secret? The kimono. 
When kimonos started to hit the shelves, it was one of those trends that I immediately discarded into the ‘not for me’ category. Loose fitting, floral patterned with tassels, not a combination that my personal style is usually taken with. So, when this neon pink and orange kimono fell through my letterbox as part of #FrockSwapUK, there was no escaping the inevitable truth…I had to attempt a transformation, could I be a kimono girl too? 
Well, I certainly gave it a try but the simple truth is no. As a short, petite lass it made me feel much bigger, the proportions just didn’t get along with my body. Combining the length with the flow of the kimono, my waist was hidden yet it did little to hide my hips.
Outfit Details
// Kimono :: c/o George at Asda // Hat :: Radley // Jeans :: Topshop // Heels :: Matalan // Bracelet :: H&M // Necklace :: George at Asda //
As the kimono was Debbie’s choice, I was the final lady to style it. I’d envisaged wearing it with a simple black maxi dress, flowing in the wind. Ah! Since the spending ban, and the discovery of Depop, I’m finding my wardrobe is so sparse and lacking any real basics to speak of! I’ve still yet to find this wondrous petite maxi dress that I dreamed of pairing it with. Here’s how the other girls styled it:
Erica (Serious necklace love!)
I’m distinctly aware that I haven’t really been brave with my styling here, opting to mirror Debbie’s style of trusty black jeans. Truth is, wearing a kimono was a pretty big deal for me, so adding a fedora made me feel more in my comfort zone. Whilst I adore the different looks the ladies came up with, it’s safe to say I won’t be wearing a kimono ever again. It’s just not me. As I always say, the beauty of #FrockSwapUK is being able to try out different looks and simply pass them back at the end of the two weeks (or in this case, four, sorry Deb!) 
Will I ever be a kimono girl? Doubtful, but it was fun trying!
Are you a kimono girl?

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