‘Just gotta keep on, keepin’ on’ First Aid Kit

Walking in the golden hour has become quite the habit of late. Each time I visit the dizzying heights of Burnley’s Crowne Point, I can’t help leave with a renewed sense of well-being. It’s like tonic… and I’ve never needed it more than this week. This week, at school, we got the call. Teachers among you will understand the stress, pressure and sleepless nights that it brings, apologies for the radio silence the past few days but it’s been a challenge to even eat or sleep. However to brighten my week was the arrival of a Joe Browns parcel, complete with gorgeous dress and sunglasses for the perfect summer combo. It could have been called a care package, dresses always make me infinitely happier. Infinitely. 

Somehow, it’s slipped into June with me barely noticing. With a new month, comes a new blog soundtrack. (You can see what I’m listening to by clicking the Spotify icon on the left.) Life’s better with a soundtrack and music is definitely taking me to a happier place. I can relate so much to First Aid Kit’s new song right now. With June comes glimmers of sunshine and warmer days. With these glimmers, I took the opportunity to try out the Brazilia dress. 

Outfit Details 
// Brazilia Dress :: c/o Joe Browns //
// Catseye Sunglasses :: c/o Joe Browns //
// Pastel bow bag :: Floozie at Debenhams //
// Stardust Sandals :: ASOS //
// Floral Crown :: Primark // 

As you know, I’m a sucker for a Peter Pan collar but I was drawn to the floral print and style of this dress. Naturally, I’ve added a bow, just for cuteness. If you’re a follower of Being Erica, you’ll know that Erica also chose to try out this dress and Erica also had problems with the zip. It just wouldn’t zip up. However, the dress is made from a thicker cotton with stretch built in, as soon as I had negotiated the zip I found a dress which fit my shape perfectly, it’s cut to perfection for girls with curves. My favourite feature of the dress is the full circle skirt, meaning it’s perfect for twirling. At £44.95, it’s more than I’d be prepared to pay for a dress under normal circumstances. However, it’s definitely worth the money. The material, the cut, the timeless print. This dress is the perfect wedding plus one. 

I’m so relieved that the weekend is almost here and I can guarantee that I’ll be spending it with my feet up, with a sprinkle of blogging and curry. Bliss!
‘Something good comes with the bad, there’s hope, there’s a silver lining.’

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