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A short while ago, Rachel asked, ‘What’s your off-duty style?’ whilst showing us hers, a perfect Breton teamed with leopard print pumps. It’s funny when you consider how many different dimensions of style we have. Our style has to match our lives; work, play or leisure. It’s only natural that when we share pictures publicly, whether it be on a blog or Instagram, we subconsciously edit and select pictures showing us at our best. So, I’m glad Rachel shared her off duty style because it made me consider mine. I found myself agreeing, my wardrobe is stacked to the brim with stripes, but despite this my off duty look will always centre on a dress. 

Why? Well, I’m short and curvy. Jeans without heels aren’t my friend, but dresses suit my shape. With tights, or without, they’re the perfect all year round friend. This dress was a Primark sale buy I snapped up in Blackburn after Style Wars. At £7, I couldn’t resist its Celia Birtwell style print and practical style. I think it looks so much more than £7, don’t you?

Today, John and I visited Inglenook Farm, a lavender and chamomile farm, with aromatherapy shops and a farmhouse cafe, not to mention Whitey the donkey, Lucky the sheep and a whole rabble of goats. Situated on the way to my mum’s house, and only a short drive from mine, we decided to pop in on the way for a delicious home cooked full English breakfast in the sunshine. It was such a treat after a busy weekend. Yesterday, my parents came down and helped me revamp my front and back garden. Needless to say, my garden is transformed and a rest was very much needed. 

Outfit Details
// Dress :: Primark //
// Leather bag :: Topshop //
// Clogs :: Lotta from Stockholm //
// Sunglasses :: Ray Ban //

I think we can agree, the goats definitely stole my thunder. But, what I haven’t mentioned is my new sunglasses. I’m absolutely smitten with them. I’d been hankering after a pair of Ray Bans for some time now, and voila, just like that, John had decided to gift me with a pair. It was so totally unexpected and such a thoughtful idea. I know that I’ll be wearing them for years to come. 

What’s your off-duty style?



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