This weekend was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. A bold statement I know, but true for so, so many reasons. Despite being a mixed bag of a weekend, and one where my feet have barely touched the floor, I’ve managed to see a lot of my favourite people (musicians included) and pack in plenty of fun stuff too! Win! It was so busy, I hardly took any pictures (despite vowing to!).

However, how could I not snap the pink package that greeted my return home from work on Friday? Instantly, I tried to recall what I’d bought recently and was stumped. Too soon for the Brit Stitch bag I ordered (I know, I know, I’m saving every penny for my holidays but please tell me that you’ve took full advantage of their amazing flash sale? At 50% off, I just couldn’t resist a half-pint bag). Before I’d even popped the kettle on, I’d revealed the familiar Duck and Duffel trademark, even though I hadn’t even ordered anything. Giddy, I naturally snapped it and whipped it on Instagram. Can you believe how lush the contents are? The Sarah dress is winging its way back to Debbie, I love each of the thoughtful gifts Debbie included. What a lovely memoir! Thank you!

Friday night had been pencilled (or typed) into my diary for some time. Friday 12th July: The Cribs,  East Village Arts Centre, Liverpool with my uni pal, Jenna. Also known as, Jenna’s birthday night out. A quick outfit dilemma, a McDonald’s tea pitt stop and we were on Seel Street checking out what used to be The Barfly (or The Masque, as it was known.) A pint of Guinness in hand, we tolerated the support Menace Beach before cheering on the main act, The Cribs. 

Entering to the tune of, ‘You’re the Best’, they certainly started in that manner. As the room grew hotter, The Cribs seemed to flag and each tune turned into a self-indulgent drone. Needless to say, we left early and headed to the bar for a drink and mini catch up. Arriving home before midnight, I fell into bed ready for Lynsey’s baby shower the next day.
Now, I’ve organised baby showers before but I can’t even compare my efforts to how fantastic Lynsey’s was. Perfectly informal, but perfectly personal, Lynsey arrived to her surprise party and promptly told us she hated us all. Granted, with a huge beaming smile on her face. Nerves settled by a few party games, the party got into full swing. It was lovely just to catch up with the girls, it’s been forever since I’ve seen them without feeling stressed by work. It made me realise just how much I’ve missed them. However, I did have to leave mid-afternoon, I’d been summoned to my parents’ house.
I say summoned, but really I mean my mum’s polite way of asking me to come as soon as possible. Naturally, I was worried. I needn’t have been. My folks simply had a question to ask me, ‘Would I like to trade in my car and become the owner of my mum’s when she upgraded?’ It’s something I’m so grateful for, I definitely haven’t had to give it much thought. We sat on the patio (before the rain came!), supping a brew before they bid me farewell for the journey to Burnley to see John.
Arriving tea time, we did our usual jaunt around Tesco. Isn’t it funny how the simplest things in life can make you smile. What did I buy? A bag of Milky Bar buttons. Saturday night was nothing out of the ordinary, but it was so lovely to put my feet up and just relax with a film whilst the rain poured and poured and poured outside! Sunday followed in much the same manner as Saturday, apart from we’d decided to photograph a few bits and pieces for eBay. Whilst snapping the dresses on the mannequin, I realised just how much I dreaded the thought of listing. So, as you’ll know by now, I decided to have an impromptu blog sale. I’m so thankful that so many of you snapped up some of my clothes to put pennies in my holiday funds, thank you! (There’s still a few bits left too!) 
Naturally, Sunday evening ended with the World Cup final, a huge brew and a wedge of home made date and walnut cake. Perfection, even though there was football involved!
How was your weekend? 
What did you get up to?
Tell me all!



What I Wore is not a new feature here, but a close-up shot of my hand? Well, that is new! Now, this may not sound like the beginnings of a thrilling blog post, but stay with me. I’m pleased to say the nail biting curse seems to have departed me and I’m pleased to have the pleasure of sharing with you a beautiful Pandora ring. 

For years, I hid my hands, afraid that people would notice my unsightly, grubby bitten nails. Nails that were bitten so low they barely existed. My finger tips would sting and my cuticles would bleed from the constant picking, biting and gnawing. I’m not exaggerating. It was so bad, yet I never realised I was doing it until it was too late. 
As my friends would bemoan their chipped polish, declaring their nails a sight, I’d sit there silently wishing I had that problem, wishing that I could grow my nails. I’d grown so used to keeping my hands underneath the table or folding my arms at the briefest mention of nails, that these conversations become out of bounds for me. It’s a girly phenomenon I’ve observed, once someone mentions nails it’s like a Mexican wave. Every one has a story to tell about theirs. Not me, though. 
Nail biting is a habit, a habit that is especially hard to give up. I just couldn’t stop myself, I’d try then find myself biting them again. Sure, I could have bought that horrible tasting nail varnish but my habit was rooted in anxiety. Whenever I was anxious, my nails were bitten. In May, I’d decided that I’d had enough and with willpower alone, I decided to stop biting them. As fate would have it, Pandora chose that time to get in touch and ask if I’d like to review a ring of my choice from their summer range. 
A nail biter I may be, an idiot I am not. I didn’t hesitate to say yes please (whilst declaring I would definitely have to stop now). So, I did. I’d simply had enough and stopped biting them. It might sound easy, but I really had to work hard to remember not to bite them. Within weeks, I’d started to grow real nails and my cuticles were recovering! It became somewhat of a novelty. Within weeks, I’d discovered the lifesaver that is Rimmel’s 60 second nail polish and the beauty of the Rita Ora range. 
I was asked to choose my top five Pandora rings, just in case my first choice was out of stock. A few weeks later, this beautiful ring arrived through the letterbox. I was so pleased that they’d sent me first choice, the triple daisy flower ring. I considered Pandora’s ‘What’s Your Stacking Style?’ campaign when choosing how to wear the daisy flower ring. I tried on different rings from my own collection until ultimately, I decided that this ring needed no other. It was too delicate and pretty to sit with the other rings. “You can’t sit with us”
I still take the ring out of its Pandora box and admire its prettiness. Would I wear it every day? Definitely not. Although, I could. It may look dainty but it’s definitely sturdy. 
It really is the perfect reward for defeating the nail biting habit! Do you own a Pandora ring? How do you wear yours? Please do share your links, I’d love to see some inspiration! Or, are you a past nail biter? How did you give up?
*Product gifted by Pandora, chosen and loved by me!*


It’s been way too long, but it’s great to say I’m finally free and back to blogging! Although I haven’t finished for the summer break…yet, I’ve handed in a class set of reports (insert huge sigh of relief here!) Even though I haven’t been far away, my lifestyle posts have been far and few between. I’ve been here in a body dressed in pretty frocks but not in mind. It’s hard to post lifestyle posts when you’re not particularly having much of a life. Polkadot Pink started as an online diary, aimed at being jam-packed to the brim with lifestyle and home posts, so  you can understand how I’ve missed those days and documenting the happy times.

On Sunday, following Saturday’s ten-hour work marathon, the boy and I decided to check out the fruits of June’s Mark-It Street Art Festival in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. After an hour in Debenhams treating myself to some holiday clothes, and John scouting out a GoPro camera, we hopped back in the car and drove to the Baltic Triangle, a curious part of the city: part creative hub and part industrial. However, it was the perfect backdrop for the explosion of street art that seemed to happen overnight.

Just down the road, we stopped just by the Cains Brewery on Grafton Street to drink in a feast for the eyes. Featuring work by Whoam Irony, The Stables had truly been transformed. With a smattering of monochrome, paste ups and colour, it was a cacophony of wondrous art. It’s always great to find new artists, but even better to find artists you already love. To find C3’s collared red head girl was certainly something. A quick peek around the corner and we were rewarded for our efforts with an Akse piece of Al Pacino and sweet animals by Jahoer.

Without doubt, finding street art is always a buzz. It’s like a free open air gallery and, even better when it’s on my doorstep!

How did you spend your weekend?


“It’s alright, the camera’s talking. Even if I can’t be sure, memory tells me that these times are worth working for.”
Camera by Local Natives

Last month, I brought you an interview with the fabulous Debbie, creator of Duck & Duffel and blogger friend extraordinaire. I was so happy to have the pleasure of showcasing her new range right here on Polkadot Pink because if there’s one thing I have a mighty weakness for, it’s a handmade dress. A unique, quirky, beautiful handmade dress at that. So, when Debbie gave me the chance to play dress up in her new range, I jumped at the opportunity. Two weeks have passed since road testing the Sarah dress and my love has only grown stronger. 

Every once in a while, there comes a dress that you never want to take off, ever. I mean, just look at this beaut of a dress. If ever there was a dress made for me, it has to be this one. Oh how I wish. Actually it was made for the lovely Sarah of A Million Dresses, my favourite Twitter enabler and clearly a girl with excellent taste! Monochrome, midi length, vintage camera print, 60’s collar, bow detail…it’s like a checklist of all my favourite things. Too much of a good thing? In this case, NEVER. Oh Sarah. I think I’ve developed my first girl crush!
Outfit Details
// Camera Dress :: Sarah by Duck and Duffel //
// Sunglasses :: Orla Kiely at Boots //
// Shoes :: //
// Oui ou Non Earrings :: Miss Selfridge //
Whilst I’m only looking after Sarah and taking her for a spin, I haven’t worn the dress for very long at all. But, it’s long enough to know we’d make lifelong friends…or at least until she grew tired. What I love about this dress is that it’d look equally as good with a pair of tan sandals as it would with a pair of heels. Versatility.I couldn’t resist pairing the monochrome with these tangerine orange heels, the cheapest but brightest pair I own. Now, like any lady, Sarah isn’t cheap. But, you have to consider that the fabric is designed by Debbie herself, the dress is designed by Debbie and the dress is made by, you guessed it, Debbie. There’s a whole lotta work that goes into these dresses. They’re definitely one of a kind, investment pieces to treasure. 
Convinced? Well, you can take 10% off as Debbie has very kindly offered readers a discount with the code ‘POLKADOT’. Made to measure, made to order. What more could you ask for? 
What do you think of the Sarah dress?
How would you wear it?