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It’s been way too long, but it’s great to say I’m finally free and back to blogging! Although I haven’t finished for the summer break…yet, I’ve handed in a class set of reports (insert huge sigh of relief here!) Even though I haven’t been far away, my lifestyle posts have been far and few between. I’ve been here in a body dressed in pretty frocks but not in mind. It’s hard to post lifestyle posts when you’re not particularly having much of a life. Polkadot Pink started as an online diary, aimed at being jam-packed to the brim with lifestyle and home posts, so  you can understand how I’ve missed those days and documenting the happy times.

On Sunday, following Saturday’s ten-hour work marathon, the boy and I decided to check out the fruits of June’s Mark-It Street Art Festival in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. After an hour in Debenhams treating myself to some holiday clothes, and John scouting out a GoPro camera, we hopped back in the car and drove to the Baltic Triangle, a curious part of the city: part creative hub and part industrial. However, it was the perfect backdrop for the explosion of street art that seemed to happen overnight.


Just down the road, we stopped just by the Cains Brewery on Grafton Street to drink in a feast for the eyes. Featuring work by Whoam Irony, The Stables had truly been transformed. With a smattering of monochrome, paste ups and colour, it was a cacophony of wondrous art. It’s always great to find new artists, but even better to find artists you already love. To find C3’s collared red head girl was certainly something. A quick peek around the corner and we were rewarded for our efforts with an Akse piece of Al Pacino and sweet animals by Jahoer.



Without doubt, finding street art is always a buzz. It’s like a free open air gallery and, even better when it’s on my doorstep!

How did you spend your weekend?

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