Travelling for over three weeks with an imposed 10 kilos of luggage allowance means only the essentials made it into my carry-on luggage. So, it’s no wonder this vintage style Fever London dress made the cut. I’m sure you can forgive me for classing this as an outfit post, after all the look is so simple: polka dots, tan accessories and a pair of classic sunglasses, yet it was my favourite outfit of the holiday. 
This polka dot dress, my first introduction to Fever London, has made such a good impression on me. It’s like meeting someone who instantly gets you. First of all, the cut is perfect. It’s fitted on top to define my waist (heck, it’s the smallest part of me, I like a dress to show that!) and cut in an a-line to create a vintage silhouette. I chose to buy it in the shorter length, opposed to midi, and it reaches my knees…ensuring my dignity for a day of site seeing. It’s also made from cotton, ultra cool when the temperature is hitting 30 degrees. I also took another Fever London dress, of which I’ll be sharing soon, and already it’s a brand I’m so taken with. Fever’s new autumn/winter range is enough to fill a wishlist post for any vintage loving girl. 
Yes, you’ll notice, the Brit Stitch bag finally got its day. I bought the Brit Stitch half pint in rust after seeing the word tan mentioned in the title bar. It was during Brit Stitch’s half price flash sale and I felt that it was bargain. However, when it arrived, the colour wasn’t what I expected and I was in two minds whether to send it back. The excellent quality of the satchel convinced me that it was a good quality basic (you know how much I love a good basic!) and for £35, it was worth keeping. 
‘Outfit’ details
// Polka dot dress :: Fever London //
// Satchel :: Brit Stitch //
// Sandals :: ASOS (via Depop) //
// Sunglasses :: Ray Ban //
// Rings :: Topshop //

I think it’s safe to say we won’t be enjoying temperatures so high until next year. I’m already planning on how I’ll rework this dress for a winter look, yes I love it that much. You can find out what we got up to in Vienna in my next post, ‘Viennese Whirl :: A Day in Vienna’ coming Monday. 
What do you wear for a city break in summer?

As always, much love,


This is not a back to school post. Oh no, I’m still in denial that’s happening soon (there’s nothing more depressing than a Back to School sign, unless its accompanied by stationery) I’ve barely accepted that my holiday is over (more to come on that, soon). However, with September’s forthcoming heaving piles of exercise books does come the need for a stylish jute bag. Enter Orla. 
Never one to let me down, it seems everything Orla puts her hands to turns to, erhhh, beautiful colour-contrasting retro prints on practical items. It’s a match made in heaven for the ever-so practical side of my personality. At £4.50, these Tesco bags are slightly more affordable than the Clarks or People Tree collaborations and with a small donation to charity, well, you can feel slightly better about buying two bags. Just like I did. 
It seems I can’t go into Tesco without buying things. Stuff. It’s fair to say, I definitely bought these bags on a whim but who could resist? They’re so practical! 
Will you be buying the new Orla Kiely bags?
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All images © 2015 Polkadot Pink



Hi Polkadot Pink readers! when Donna asked me to share some of the things I love about my “hometown” of London (I’m actually an ex pat Australian, but am on indefinite loan here in the Big Smoke), I really, really was at a loss as to where to start and what to share. London Love is not a new thing by any means, and although I am someone with more than enough respect for my new city, and try to not take the things around me for granted, it just seemed like a bit of a…. well, a pretty daunting task! how was I supposed to narrow down all of the incredible things about this city and condense them into one measly post?
well, it got me thinking (ouch); what is it that I love about London? do I love the tourists and the busy streets and the hot garbage? no. do I love the noise, the pollution and the rude cabbies? no. so what? well, for me, it’s all the little things. the unexpected things. the secret things, that people don’t really know are there until they find them. that I didn’t know where there until I found them. things that, now I know are there, I will continue to go back because they are a little slice of heaven in an incredibly overwhelming and all-consuming city.
let me share some of my secrets with you…
The Skip Garden in King’s Cross is a little slice of paradise nestled in amongst the city’s noisy industrial estate. build out of disused skips and containers from abandoned building sites, this allotment garden is thriving. there’s even a café on site that sells 100% organic and home-grown foods from the many vegetable patches and herb gardens scattered around the allotment site. a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon; exploring the treasure trove of flower beds, skipping through the poly tunnel, and sipping an organic juice from the café.
The Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park are just something a little bit obscure, but an easy way to spend a few hours if the weather is nice. grab a picnic blanket and a little hamper of goodies, and head on down for a wander amongst the prehistoric predators of the South East. a short stroll from the train station too, which always makes getting there that little bit easier if – like most Londoners, you don’t drive. also hidden in the bushes is a wee naturally-grown maze – if you fancy getting lost in nature, then this is right up your alley…
Street Feast in Dalston Yard is only around for the summer, but there are a number of them popping up all across the city so if you can’t make the one in East London there is another Street Feast in Lewisham, and there are also Kerb Street Feast locations in King’s Cross and on the Southbank. plenty of ways to feast on the street this summer! the ones in central London are open nightly and free to enter, the regional ones have a small entry fee after 8pm, but lots of delicious tasters to make that worth your while. the traders turning up at these street locations are some of the most up-and-coming restaurateurs in the game, looking to try recipes out on the public before they launch – so there’s a lot of promise at these events! om nom nom!
The Basement Tea Rooms in Camden are another little slice of tranquillity; nestled in amongst a second hand book trader and a second hand record seller and a second hand clothes shop underneath Camden’s infamous Stable Markets, is the basement tea rooms. at first you’ll only know you’re there when you realise the shop you thought you were in is actually a perfectly curated and recreated retro lounge room – often complete with your very own pianist playing hits of a bygone era on the full-functional piano hiding behind the vintage wardrobe full of sleeping jackets and hunting hats. you can pick up a full cream tea for about £15 (for two), and a bloody mahoosive jug of Pimms for no more than eight of your Great British Pounds. that’d barely cover the amount of fruit inside, trust me. if you’re ever lost for somewhere twee to eat in Camden, or just want to avoid the tourists for an hour or so, head there. once you’re by the downstairs loos, you’re just about there. ask around if you get lost. trust me, you will.
Musical Bingo is a night out in London that you won’t ever forget. set up like regular bingo, this is an interactive club night that you won’t ever come across again. instead of dodgy number and bingo wings, players are asked to listen to clips of music and identify them to win their rounds. with themes like “Disco Divas”, “Pop Princesses” and “Golden Oldies”, you’re definitely in for a sing-along. then there’s the Wheel of Death that dictates suitably embarrassing and appropriate dares and games for players who share the same answers. this thing is a monster, and will make or break your night. but, with main prizes including toasty machines, microwave cookbooks from the 70s, and a host of stale biscuits, what’s not to play hard or go home for? check their website for a night near you – you won’t regret it (and no, I don’t work for them!).
so, hopefully I’ve inspired you to see or do something a bit different next time you’re in the capital. if you do check out any of these things, I’d love to hear about what you thought of it! you’re all more than welcome over at www.imbeingerica.com, or give me a shout on Twitter @imbeingerica – I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks Erica, I never need much persuading to visit London and I’m sure a visit to the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park is definitely on the cards. I’m looking forward to sharing with you all the reasons to love Berlin on my return. Remember folks to swing by Erica’s blog, with daily posts packed with personality and cuteness…the search for your new favourite blog is over!


Up here int’ north of England, a very British summer has descended. With virtually no warning, this oh so warm arrived and with it a total quandary about what to wear. While it may be warm, it’s cloudy and overcast in Lancashire. I’m not the type of girl to whip out a summer dress, nor shorts, in my home town, choosing to hold out in jeans for as long as possible. Let’s face it, a midi skirt is a compromise. Sometimes though, you have to break out of your comfort zone and try something new. Ladies, I present you with…
Shorts. Yes, shorts. The mortal enemy of pear-shaped girls everywhere, it seems we are calling a truce…for now. You’d be forgiven for thinking, ‘how bloomin’ ridiculous, how can someone find it difficult to wear something as basic as shorts?’, because I’ve often berated myself with that point too, but I do find it tricky. Being petite, with chunky thighs and being ghostly pale too (just lucky, I guess), I’ve always sought to cover that part of my body. That was until I happened to find these amazing shorts from Oasis. Had I been shopping online, these shorts would have never seen my virtual shopping basket. I doubt I’d have given them more than a fleeting glance. Until, desperation convinced me to give them a try as I strolled past them whilst holiday shopping in Oasis.

So, here they are, making me feel comfortable and summery all at the same time. Oasis, I salute you. They are just what I was looking for to accompany this Joules blouse, which has sat in my wardrobe just waiting for its perfect partner. When the good folk over at Joules offered me this pretty floral shirt, one look at that pretty mustard shade mixed with pops of pink convinced me that it was just what my wardrobe was missing. Pretty colours in a sea of monochrome. 
I just wasn’t prepared for that length….it’s so long. Too long to wear untucked. As we know, Joules clothing can be a generous fit and as I straddle a size 10 and 12, I opted for a 10. Aren’t I glad I did! The top is a loose fit and has a bohemian feel to it, perfect for summer days. If you’re not petite, I imagine it to be festival perfect worn loose over a pair of denim hot pants. Unfortunately, I am petite meaning it can be multi-functional as a mini-dress or can only be worn tucked in. It is impractically long. Tucked in it is. That said, despite its flaws, I can’t help but like it and I can definitely see me wearing it again come autumn/winter time. 

Outfit Details 
// Floral blouse :: c/o Joules //
// Chino shorts :: Oasis //
// Rust satchel :: Brit Stitch //
// Leather sandals :: Asos (via Depop) //
// Black Fedora :: Primark //
Now that the sales have hit, I’ve found myself trying to find things that will take me into autumn/winter. Thicker materials, darker colours. I’ve found very little, but I just couldn’t resist this fedora from Primark. At the moment, the clothing in Primark is just not cutting it for me. It either feels too young or the quality is terrible. At £7, this 100% wool fedora feels like a real find and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it lots come autumn.
How do you dress for hot summer days? 
Have you found any bargains in the sales?  


Hello lovely readers of Polkadot Pink. Whilst the gorgeous Donna is off on her travels, she very kindly asked if i would come on over to her corner of the web and chat to you lovely folk.
I’m Rachel of blog, Rachel The Hat.


Me in a nutshell? Well I am a wife, mum to one son, step-mum to two, part-time travel agent , style blogger and new business owner. All in all, i’m quite busy you could say, haha… sleep when you’re dead, right?
I thought i’d just talk to you guys today about my newest venture which has been a complete labour of love for me.
You see i am a girly girl. I love to shop, i love clothes and accessories and everything in between.
From running my blog for 3 years I’ve now taken things a step further and opened my very own online accessories store called Yosa (*cue squeals over here*)



Yosa is a collection of accessories curated by me for the everyday girl… I don’t know about you but i just love feeling fabulous in an outfit, and often the things that really make the outfit are the finishing touches.
Accessories are like the perfect cherry on that super yummy cake.
Here’s a few examples of some of the yummy cherries, i mean pieces on offer and a little look in to the archives over at Rachel the Hat…
(Did i mention, perk of the trade… i get to “test run” all the pretty jewellery… le sigh… it’s a hard life 😉





You see I have very varied taste… some days i will love girly floaty frocks, the next day i may like a polished smart look. Variety is the spice of life as they say and i sure am happy to keep my wardrobe varied and my head happy.
Having run a business for 7 years previously i know its not all plain sailing, but I think if the job is something that you love, the more successful it will be.
I would love if you would come and check us out, we have some beauties just waiting, ready to be worn..
If you would like to talk shop, or anything really (i am a big chatty pants over here) then i would love to talk with you, catch me over on the blog or on twitter here.

So tell me lovely readers, what’s your most favourite accessory you own?


Well Rachel, I’m certainly spoiled for choice and I still can’t decide which necklace I’ll be treating myself to! Thanks for introducing us to your fabulous brand, it’s been lovely having you here on the blog! 
Be sure to swing by Rachel’s blog for endless style inspiration* (read: envy) and don’t forget to check out Yosa.