This is not a back to school post. Oh no, I’m still in denial that’s happening soon (there’s nothing more depressing than a Back to School sign, unless its accompanied by stationery) I’ve barely accepted that my holiday is over (more to come on that, soon). However, with September’s forthcoming heaving piles of exercise books does come the need for a stylish jute bag. Enter Orla. 
Never one to let me down, it seems everything Orla puts her hands to turns to, erhhh, beautiful colour-contrasting retro prints on practical items. It’s a match made in heaven for the ever-so practical side of my personality. At £4.50, these Tesco bags are slightly more affordable than the Clarks or People Tree collaborations and with a small donation to charity, well, you can feel slightly better about buying two bags. Just like I did. 
It seems I can’t go into Tesco without buying things. Stuff. It’s fair to say, I definitely bought these bags on a whim but who could resist? They’re so practical! 
Will you be buying the new Orla Kiely bags?
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