A short while ago, I asked you to tell me your holiday traditions and you didn’t disappoint! From sending postcards filled with memories, to buying pic-a-mix on long journeys, it seems we all have our quirks when it comes to taking a vacation. Over the years, I’ve also accumulated a few traditions of my own (not surprising for a creature of habit) from collecting fridge magnets to eating an ice cream every day. However, there’s one tradition that follows me home from the flight, snuggling in bed looking at thousands of holiday pictures. It seems a trip away isn’t truly finished until we’ve looked at every one.
Essential is a mug of freshly brewed coffee, pyjamas and freshly washed sheets, there’s just nothing like your own bed after time away. I take a bath, remove all my make up and snuggle down ready to relive my holiday. With Instagram captures, DSLR photographs, mobile phone snaps and Sony digitals, there’s a wealth of electronic shots copied onto my laptop. So, it’s a bit of a crime to admit that that’s where they stay. A library of electronic memories gathering computer dust. 
Whilst we were travelling, I decided to post snapshots from our trip on Instagram. It was a photographic diary, a way of keeping track of the place we’d visited and sharing them with family and friends. Whilst we were in Lake Bled, Claire from Printrbook got in touch to offer me a simple way to print Instagram photos, on the house!


For £10, and 3 minutes of your time, you can create a photo book of your Instagram snaps and have it posted too. By linking your account, it’s easy to upload your photos and you can also add the date and Instagram caption (provided it’s short). At 10cm x 11cm, it’s a great size to pop in your handbag ready to show off your memories. Sounds too good to be true?
Well, I guess it is a little. Although my book arrived in perfect condition, it wasn’t packaged well and arrived in a small paper envelope. Inside the book, the colours of the images were slightly duller and appeared slightly pixelated. I guess this is always the gamble when creating photographs from different digital sources. With pictures printed on matt paper, it all seemed a little basicWith more expensive rivals on the market, I guess you get what you pay for.
However, with that said, at £10 all in, it’s a nifty price and a no-fuss way to print your Instagram photos.  And, for all Polkadot Pink readers you can grab 10% off with the code ‘polka10’. The most difficult part of the process? Choosing just 50 photographs to print!

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