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Do you ever build a picture in your head of how an outfit is going to look only to be bitterly disappointed? Ladies, I share this feeling and present you with ‘Gingham Part Un’. Gingham, monochrome, a Peter Pan collar and bows …a list of my favourite things, but somehow they just didn’t cut the mustard. To be honest, as I packed my bag to visit John, I could never have dreamed that I’d be wearing this outfit to choose my engagement ring in Saltaire

Remember the spending ban wishlist, ‘What I Wish I Wore’ that I posted in February? You don’t? How rude! I jest, I jest. Well let me remind you, these Dr Marten Mary Jane style shoes featured highly. As in, I needed them and continued to do so, then forgot about them over summer as you do. When I managed to find them with a whoppin’ £30 knocked off, I took this as a sign they were destined for my autumn wardrobe. With interchangeable polka dot bows (I know, amazing right?), they’re the cutest shoes this side of Yorkshire, however I was not expecting them to be the chunkiest. I know, I know, what was I expecting from Dr Martens? 

Outfit Details 
// Dress :: F&F at Tesco //
// Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company //
//Denim Jacket :: Topshop //
// Dr Martens :: Blue Banana //

Yes, the dress is new too. F&F at Tesco to be precise. Somehow, I strayed into the clothes section and this dress fell into my basket around the same time as the polka dot trousers. Apart from the fact it’s gingham AND has a Peter Pan collar, it was also reduced to £9. At that price, who would say no to a third gingham dress? Exactly. 
I haven’t given up on my dream gingham outfit. Oh no! Recently, I received the most gorgeous coat from Warehouse. It’s so bright, it was made for monochrome gingham. Watch out for Gingham Part Deux, maybe I’m getting closer to my dream outfit?

How do you wear gingham?
What’s your gingham style? 

As always, much love,

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