Oh autumn, you’re my favourite season. 
Although you bring me blustery rain, leaves scattered and frosty mornings, you breathe new life in my wardrobe and for that, I adore you. 
Without a doubt, this ‘fr’October, my personal style has featured heavily on the blog. Over the past six months, I’ve been trying to become increasingly sustainable when it comes to buying clothes. I’m not just talking about buying clothes from charity shops I’m talking about disposable fashion and how guilty it makes me feel. As testament to this, I haven’t set foot in Primark for months. Months, I tell you!

So today, on this glorious Friday, I wanted to show you my £2 dress. Complete with sailor-esque style collar, it was love at first sight. 

Anyone that knows me well, will know that I adore nautical styling. (You can read about my nautical love affair here) It’s originally from the Pins & Needles range at Urban Outfitters, brand new with tags it cost me £2 from my local charity shop, Cats Protection. At the time – August – I wasn’t smitten with the colour but thought it was an investment for autumn. Then these foxy tights came along and stole the show… 

At £5.50, they did indeed cost more than the dress. Sometimes, I can spend so long looking for that one piece to tie an outfit together and these foxy friends did just that. At a fiver, it felt like a no-brainer. It takes no mathematician to work out that this is a new to me outfit for under a tenner, grand!

Outfit Details
// Sailor dress :: Thrifted (Originally Urban Outfitters) //
// Fox tights :: ASOS //
// Brogues :: Hudson //
// Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company //
// Hat :: EBay (Old) //

This autumn, I’ve discovered hats again because my hair is a bloomin, overgrown nest! I’m finally going to have my hair chopped today. It’s been almost 3 months since my last cut and I swear, when straightened, my fringe reaches my nose. Just call me Cousin Itt! I’ve been Pinteresting (is that even a verb?) all week and have decided to have…drum roll please…just a trim! Months ago I was desperate to have it chopped into a bob, now it seems my daring has departed me. Look out for an old haircut coming soon!

What do you think of my charity shop dress?
What’s the best piece of clothing you’ve ever found in a charity shop?


For someone who loves to play with bright splashes of colour, being bold and mixing patterns is not something I’ve ever felt comfortable with. It just feels so wrong, I was brought up in a household where brown and black were never mixed. So clashing patterns have always felt like a huge no no! However, after having this pinafore smock dress for almost a year now, it’s the perfect go to dress for autumn and I wanted to breathe new life into it. (Here’s how I wore this pinafore smock back in January.)

F&F at Tesco are currently having another huge sale. Among the bargains I’ve found, I’ve managed to pick up yet another striped top for the measly price of £4. It was the 70s inspired turtle neck that really got me. All of a sudden, I’ve become obsessed with finding that one piece that can tie a new outfit together from the old. It’s one of the many reasons I love charity shops. For just £4, I’ve mixed old and new to create a new autumn outfit. 

Outfit Details
// Paisley Smock Dress :: Urban Outfitters //
// Mary Jane Shoes :: Dr Martens //
// Striped Top :: F&F at Tesco //
// Red Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company //
// Fedora :: Primark //
Oh it’s been a funny old week, a week so busy it’s been a whole 7 days between posts! With half term just around the corner, and an exciting city break to look forward to, you can bet I’ll be back soon. I have so many new finds to share with you! I have been hitting the charity shops in a big way recently. As a result, I’ve been so lucky! Marks and Spencers snuggly jumpers, 50s style red heels, Peter Pan collared tops, you name it! My luck has definitely been in.
What are you wearing this autumn? 
Do you get a buzz from a whole new outfit or finding that one piece to update old favourites?


With the changing of seasons, I’m discovering so many new outfits to snap and share. So, I’m promising travel posts and charity hauls in the none too distant future, but bear with me, you know how much I love a pretty outfit. 

I’ve loved this week’s weather. It’s possible that I may be the only person in Britain celebrating the sudden onslaught of rainy days. With a dramatic ten degree dip in temperature alongside downpours to rival a monsoon, I couldn’t be happier. Autumn is finally here. Bring on the layers, the tights and the winter dresses, but most importantly, bring on the raincoat.
Yes you heard me right. The raincoat. When Warehouse contacted me to ask if I’d like to feature one of their jackets, of course, I jumped at the chance. A quick search of their jackets and I was smitten with this yellow fisherman’s parka. Not only is it good to look at, it’s also pretty practical too.

It’s exactly what I was expecting, a light mac that’s ideal to throw over a dress on rainy, windy days. As I’m petite, it reaches mid-thigh on me (slightly longer than the model on the product page) however this is ideal for me. Despite this, I wasn’t prepared for the length of the arms. They reach my finger nails! I’ve had to roll the sleeves up to make it practical. Does this deter me from wearing the jacket? Not one bit. This is the third yellow jacket joining my collection and I love them all equally. 

During my recent visit to Saltaire, you may have seen my ‘Gingham Part Un’ outfit. None too dissimilar to this outfit, after all it was gingham with a collar. However, it just didn’t work for me. I’ve reworked my Duck and Duffel Emery dress for a more autumnal look and I’m so much happier now there’s a boost of colour with the gingham. Before you click through to Debbie’s blog, be warned, she has a sample sale on at the moment and her creations are just £60. I’m lusting after the pink camera dress. 

// Outfit Details
// Yellow jacket :: c/o Warehouse //
// Gingham Dress :: Duck and Duffel //
// Satchel :: Primark //
// Boots :: Shoe Zone* //
So, you tell me, is it gingham part un or deux?
Andddd, are you enjoying this sudden change in weather?



They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But let’s face it, as women, you’d never find us describing our cast-offs as trash. We prefer to call them well-loved, or pre-loved, but always, always without doubt, we make our love clear. Maybe because it helps to ease the burden of giving them up? So, when The Wardrobe Angel described this sunshine yellow dress as the stubborn child of her wardrobe, I knew exactly what she meant. 

We all have those items that survive each and every wardrobe cull. They’re placed in the eBay pile/charity bag numerous times but despite strong resolutions and common sense they’re always placed back onto the dress rail. Stephanie, aka The Wardrobe Angel, has had this yellow shift dress since the early 2000s and it’s only recently that she’s been able to part with it. After offering the dress up to her blog readers, I decided to tweet her and offer a swap. In return for the sunshine yellow dress, Stephanie received a scalloped edged cobalt blue shift dress. Just like the sunshine dress, it was a dress that I was holding on to even though I knew that I wouldn’t wear it again. 

Following the success of my 100 day spending ban, I firmly believe that when we feel the urge to shop, we are merely feeling the need to spark some creativity into our wardrobes. The arrival of this canary yellow shift dress made me rediscover this brand new daisy cardigan I’ve been hoarding for the past year. You heard me right, a year. It was a birthday present from my mum, last October. Moving on!

I’m also making use of these fabulous heeled brogues I’ve been hoarding for years. I remember wearing them to the cinema when Twilight was first released, I know. At the moment, I’m hugely into sustainable fashion. I’ve been actively searching for good quality basics in charity shops, with some success, to reinvent the items that I love. 

Outfit details 
// Dress :: H&M (Gifted from Stephanie) //
// Satchel :: G21 at George* //
// Cardigan :: Primark //
//Brogues :: Peacocks //

A huge thanks to Stephanie for parting with this dream of a dress and helping me create a new outfit for the price of a stamp. I’m looking forward to seeing how Stephanie restyles my blue dress and wondering what she’ll make of my 60s inspired look!

Do you have a dress you just can’t quit?
Would you consider swapping it?


I can’t believe it’s slipped into October and yet it’s still so warm. Although I’m growing increasingly impatient for autumn’s arrival, I have to admit I’ve enjoyed being able to wear my summer wardrobe just that little bit longer. I love the simplicity that a floral dress offers, simply add a denim jacket with a pair of clogs and an outfit is born. In fact, it almost feels like cheating calling this an outfit. 

I’ve never felt like a girly girl. You know: a deep appreciation of pink on a Wednesday; no stranger to a floral print; or nails bedecked in pastel colours. I jest. Secretly, I’d love to be girly girl and this floral dress is certainly helping me on my way. 

Recently, I stated rather boldly that I don’t do floral prints. What a whopper that was, hey? When Joe Browns contacted me about their new autumn/winter range, I politely declined as I didn’t feel the collection was very me. But then, a wonderful thing happened… I was offered a dress I had been cooing over in their recent catalogue. Before long, this pretty dress was winging its way to me. 

I love how it’s fitted so seamlessly into my wardrobe and helped me to wear my beloved Lotta clogs a little bit more! 

 Outfit Details 
// Dress :: Peach Blossoms Springs Dress c/o Joe Browns //
// Highwood Clogs :: Lotta from Stockholm //
// Denim Jacket :: Topshop //

These are the first blog photographs John has taken of me since our engagement. The flowers I’m holding were a gift. I adore sunflowers, they always look so happy. Can you believe it’s two weeks today since John popped the question? I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive so I can head up to Burnley for another lovely weekend. Let’s hope the weather holds up, hey!
Are you still holding on to your summer wardrobe?
Tell me, are you a girly girl?