A loud cry cuts into the night, breaking the animated chatter filling the room and startling some of its inhabitants. An uncomfortable giggle is stifled as a man staggers into sight, moaning and clutching his heart. The charade continues animatedly until he falls to the floor. Dead. Leaving us with just one question on our lip glossed lips, who killed Lord John?

Thirty North West bloggers were invited to the murder mystery evening held in Manchester’s Marriott Renaissance hotel. On arrival, we were greeted with sparkling glasses of Prosecco, bff Katie and I gathered in the entrance hall making nervous chatter. Arriving  shortly after was Christine, of The Fabulous Times, wearing her uh-mazing Hell Bunny polka dot dress.  
Picture reproduced with kind permission from The Fabulous Times
Despite our desperate longing for food, under the close supervision of Sherlock Holmes and PC, ahem, World, we were handed an evidence file to scout for clues and pinpoint the cause of Lord John’s demise. However, it’s a funny thing when you meet someone who is on your wave length… especially when they share your love of polka dot and collars. Deep in conversation, we’d barely considered the game when the food arrived. 
Let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. 
Picture reproduced with kind permission from The Fabulous Times

It was requested that we leave out the final verdict of poor Lord John’s demise, but the  truth is, I still wouldn’t be able to explain the verdict if you asked me. Despite our clueless attitudes, a fabulous rendition of events by the blogging detectives of table 1 did indeed provide all of the answers. Let’s just say, I won’t be giving up the teaching profession any time soon. 
A huge thanks to Shaun over at the Joe Blogs Blogger Network for organizing such a great event and to the ladies of table 2 for their fabulous company.  
Have you ever attended a murder mystery evening?

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