Inthrift, Thrift


They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But let’s face it, as women, you’d never find us describing our cast-offs as trash. We prefer to call them well-loved, or pre-loved, but always, always without doubt, we make our love clear. Maybe because it helps to ease the burden of giving them up? So, when The Wardrobe Angel described this sunshine yellow dress as the stubborn child of her wardrobe, I knew exactly what she meant. 

We all have those items that survive each and every wardrobe cull. They’re placed in the eBay pile/charity bag numerous times but despite strong resolutions and common sense they’re always placed back onto the dress rail. Stephanie, aka The Wardrobe Angel, has had this yellow shift dress since the early 2000s and it’s only recently that she’s been able to part with it. After offering the dress up to her blog readers, I decided to tweet her and offer a swap. In return for the sunshine yellow dress, Stephanie received a scalloped edged cobalt blue shift dress. Just like the sunshine dress, it was a dress that I was holding on to even though I knew that I wouldn’t wear it again. 

Following the success of my 100 day spending ban, I firmly believe that when we feel the urge to shop, we are merely feeling the need to spark some creativity into our wardrobes. The arrival of this canary yellow shift dress made me rediscover this brand new daisy cardigan I’ve been hoarding for the past year. You heard me right, a year. It was a birthday present from my mum, last October. Moving on!

I’m also making use of these fabulous heeled brogues I’ve been hoarding for years. I remember wearing them to the cinema when Twilight was first released, I know. At the moment, I’m hugely into sustainable fashion. I’ve been actively searching for good quality basics in charity shops, with some success, to reinvent the items that I love. 

Outfit details 
// Dress :: H&M (Gifted from Stephanie) //
// Satchel :: G21 at George* //
// Cardigan :: Primark //
//Brogues :: Peacocks //

A huge thanks to Stephanie for parting with this dream of a dress and helping me create a new outfit for the price of a stamp. I’m looking forward to seeing how Stephanie restyles my blue dress and wondering what she’ll make of my 60s inspired look!

Do you have a dress you just can’t quit?
Would you consider swapping it?

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