Clashing Patterns

For someone who loves to play with bright splashes of colour, being bold and mixing patterns is not something I’ve ever felt comfortable with. It just feels so wrong, I was brought up in a household where brown and black were never mixed. So clashing patterns have always felt like a huge no no! However, after having this pinafore smock dress for almost a year now, it’s the perfect go to dress for autumn and I wanted to breathe new life into it. (Here’s how I wore this pinafore smock back in January.)

Clashing Patterns

F&F at Tesco are currently having another huge sale. Among the bargains I’ve found, I’ve managed to pick up yet another striped top for the measly price of £4. It was the 70s inspired turtle neck that really got me. All of a sudden, I’ve become obsessed with finding that one piece that can tie a new outfit together from the old. It’s one of the many reasons I love charity shops. For just £4, I’ve mixed old and new to create a new autumn outfit. 


Outfit Details
// Paisley Smock Dress :: Urban Outfitters //
// Mary Jane Shoes :: Dr Martens //
// Striped Top :: F&F at Tesco //
// Red Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company //
// Fedora :: Primark //
Oh it’s been a funny old week, a week so busy it’s been a whole 7 days between posts! With half term just around the corner, and an exciting city break to look forward to, you can bet I’ll be back soon. I have so many new finds to share with you! I have been hitting the charity shops in a big way recently. As a result, I’ve been so lucky! Marks and Spencers snuggly jumpers, 50s style red heels, Peter Pan collared tops, you name it! My luck has definitely been in.
What are you wearing this autumn? 
Do you get a buzz from a whole new outfit or finding that one piece to update old favourites?

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