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Christmas break is finally here! Hurrah! I say this at the end of each term, but I don’t think I’ve ever needed a rest more. It feels like I’ve been away from regular blogging for so long, thankfully I’ve now got time to rediscover what’s in my wardrobe and snap some outfit shots. 
Today was the baby shower of one of my closest friends. Sunday morning brunch at a local farm cafe. Well, if that’s an occasion that doesn’t call for a pretty dress, then what occasion does? You saw snippets of this paisley dress last week when I wore it for the Laura Ashley Christmas Crafts event, but today I styled it differently and fell in love with it all over again!

I’m rather ashamed to admit that this is the first time I’ve wore this coat since last winter. I’ve owned it for years, a Topshop sale purchase I bought on a whim and never once regretted. If there’s one thing I revel in, it’s buying things that stand the test of time. I’ve never felt comfortable buying into fashion, but then I’ve never called myself fashionable. Ever. Quite simply, because I’m not. This mustard wonder has been hanging on the wardrobe in my dressing room acting as wallpaper for the previous few months. In this dress, I think it’s found the perfect partner. 
So, the dress. This £12 bargain was from the Dorothy Perkins sale. I suspect it was part of their summer stock, but as you know, I believe in clothes that transcend the seasons. Within minutes, I’d snapped it up! Another sale buy you might have spotted are these burgundy loafers. I am a sucker for a F&F at Tesco sale. Their shoes are unbeatable, especially when combined with a sensitive sole. 
Outfit Details
// Paisley dress :: Billie & Blossom at Dorothy Perkins//
// Burgundy loafers :: F&F at Tesco//
// Mustard coat :: Topshop (old)//
//Aubergine Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company //
In the new year, I’m bidding goodbye to my impulsive ways. I’ve decided to try and become even thriftier in the hope that I’ll have pennies to decorate my home and pay for a wedding! It’s all very well owning pretty dresses, but in my grand old age I’ll be clearing some of my pretties out to save. I’m considering a blog sale, but may resort to eBay again! Let’s just say, shopping in the sales is going to become a regular occurrence!
Have you bought anything in the sales recently?
As always, much love, 

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