Each any every year, I plan my Christmas day outfit usually by mid-November. Traditionally, I seek out a new dress then select Christmas themed accessories around it. This year has been totally different. This year, I bought nothing new. No new dress, no new shoes, nothing. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but my dress buying desire was suppressed by a new found ambition to save money. Although, it did start by selecting this vintage dress.
There’s always a story with a vintage dress. I purchased this dress from eBay, over five years ago, and had attempted to alter it. It was an American born maxi dress with longer length sleeves. Hacking the hem off and unpicking the stitching on the sleeve, I’d left this original maxi dress a shell of its former state. Way back in summer, I rediscovered it again and with a huge helping hand from Debbie, it was made wearable again. Debbie altered the hem length to fit my petite legs and removed the savaged sleeves. 

And then, I forgot about it. Shamefully, it sat on my dress rail in my dressing room nestled
between the other million (okay, slight exaggeration) dresses I own. What better day to breathe life into this vintage beauty than Christmas day? 

And then, I discovered this forgotten cropped jacket from Zara that I thrifted at the end of the spending ban (I know, I am shameful) and a Christmas outfit was born. Is there anything more festive than a dash of fur? I whipped out this fur shawl from the depths of my wardrobe and voila. Christmas!

Christmas was rather a splendid affair this year, busy as always, but lovely to see all of my family throughout the day. As always, it was a day centered around food, grazing on chocolate and sipping champagne. Boxing day is turning out to be much of the same. You’ll find no complaints here! Here’s hoping that your Christmas day turned out just as you dreamed!
Outfit Details
// Vintage black polka dot dress :: EBay//
// Red Cropped 60s Jacket :: Charity Shop (originally Zara)//
// Fur Stole :: EBay (via China) //
// Heeled brogues :: Peacocks //
To spare you of the dreaded ‘new year, new me’ talk that we see so frequently, all I will say is that 2015 has to be the year of thrift. Less waste, less spur of the moment buying, less buying…but, more fabulous outfits. I’m making a new rule: if it fits, it stays. I doubt I’ll ever embark on a 100 day spending ban, ever again, but I’ll definitely be buying less!
How’s your Christmas been?
What are your plans for 2015?
As always, much love,
Donna xxx

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