Let me begin by stating one fact. I do not like dogs. I am allergic to them and quite frankly, bigger dogs scare me. Yes,  I know, I am a total girl. So, when Joe Blogs invited me along to the Lake District to experience a husky sledding courtesy of Transun, who knows what I must have been thinking when I agreed? Transun couldn’t take us to Lapland to truly undertake an arctic experience but they certainly did their best to bring a piece of the arctic to us. 


Along with Katie from LifeonVista, we travelled the 160 mile round trip to Low Wray campsite, located on the shores of Lake Windermere. On arrival, we were greeted by the team from Horse and Husky, lots of mud and plenty of husky dogs howling for our attention. The team promised to show us the ropes and teach us the commands to prepare us for a solo ride. 

First up, learning how to operate the rig (sleigh) without the huskies, by splashing and dashing through pot holes. It was just like riding a scooter, just with added mud! After a brief initiation, the dogs were hitched to the rig and we were off. Now, something that’s useful to know beforehand is that huskies have a strong hunting sense. So, I was fearful of Ice, my trusty lapdog, spotting chickens on the farmland and whisking us away to chase some feathers!

With a cry of HIKE we were off down the countryside roads. Further cries of HIKE, HIKE meant we were zooming quicker and quicker with the wind whooshing through my face. It was exhilarating…if not a little frightening. Although it’s said to be difficult to tip the rig, zooming round corners and bumping over pot holes certainly made for a white knuckle ride. 

I was surprised, but delighted, to discover that these dogs were rescue dogs. Lovingly trained by Sonia, the dogs now lead a fit and active life with the team at Horse and Husky. 

After our whirlwind ride through the countryside, it was time to head for a brew and a spot of blogger networking before the long journey home. After this taster, I’d definitely love to try husky sledding again…perhaps on real snow next time!

You can find out what Transun,and some of the bloggers who shared this experience had to say about the event by clicking the links, here:
Have you ever tried husky sledding? 
As always, much love,

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