Thrift. The quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. 
So here we are again, a new year and a new spending challenge. Today marks the start of my 100 day high street spending ban. You may remember, I undertook a spending ban challenge this time last year and although it was difficult not to purchase any clothes, I surprised myself with my willpower. This year, I’m banning myself from the high street, both online and in store. Why? Well, as you know from this post, one of the things I was most pleased with in 2014 was how I’d started to build a unique wardrobe by swapping, borrowing and thrifting. One of my new year’s blog’olutions is to increase the amount of quirky outfit posts. By only allowing myself to buy thrifted items, I’m testing out my theory- you don’t have to spend a fortune to feel good about what you wear. 
The Rules: From January 5th until April 11th, any purchase of clothes from high street stores, supermarket clothing chains or online stores is strictly forbidden. The only exception to be made is for hosiery and underwear.

To kick start the high street spending ban, I’m featuring an outfit that is very much within the theme of ‘make do and mend’. Some of the items in this post have been featured on Polkadot Pink before, but the addition of two recent sale purchases made a whole new outfit. 


This novelty skirt featuring a crane motif is yet another F&F Tesco bargain. Reduced by 50%, it comes in at £7. I’ve been trying to add more skirts to my wardrobe so a monochrome skirt with a splash or mustard can easily make itself at home. Also from F&F are these burgundy loafers. I’ve been searching for a comfortable pair of loafers for sometime and at £9 these just happen to be perfect, for both my budget and wardrobe. 


Outfit Details
// 1. Crane print skirt :: F&F at Tesco // 2. Grey jumper :: H&M (old) // 3. Burgundy loafers :: F&F at Tesco // 4. Blouse :: Forever 21 // 5. Mustard coat :: Topshop (old) // 6. Scarf :: Tu at Sainsburys //
Like last time, I’m not alone in setting a 100 day ban. Rachel, Char and Ally will also be challenging themselves, only they will ditch all clothes shops for the time set! It’s great to know we’re not alone when going cold turkey. 

100 days. Are you tempted to join us?
As always, much love, 

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