Look 1 :: ASOS chambray shirt, burgundy boots and a faux leather jacket

With the start of January, came the start of all my good intentions. Out with the frivolous spending and in with my thrifty ways, with none of the overspending in the middle. Trust me, I’d bought that many good buys in the sale, it was time for a rest. You may recognise this tapestry skirt, it was one of my many sales purchases before the start of the 100 day high street spending ban. For £7, this tapestry skirt made a home in my wardrobe. Although, it’s spent more time on days out than at home because it matches so much. It’s a welcome relief to buy something I instantly adore.

If I could sum my biggest problem as a clothes lover, it’s owning so much that matches so little. It’s the downside of loving colour and pattern. This skirt is a keeper, despite its patterned appearance, it can be worn with shirts, t-shirts or jumpers. It’s also thick and warm and well perfect for me. I decided to piece together my favourite three looks, all in the name of being thrifty. Apart from the moss green jumper (another sales bargain, £5!) the rest of the items are all well-valued veterans of my wardrobe.

Look 2 :: H&M moss green jumper, brogues and a cream sheer shirt
Look 3 ::Topshop applique floral blouse, burgundy loafers and a New Look knitted jacket*

I’ll admit, look 3 is is a little out of my comfort zone but definitely my personal favourite. Back in September, New Look gifted me with this knitted jacket. I wore it with lots of polka dots (here) for a date night with John at our favourite restaurant, but since I haven’t wore it at all. I think it’s found a new lease of life in this skirt!

Four days into the spending ban and I’m pleased to report, I haven’t spent a penny on any item of clothing, high street or thrifted. It’s early days, but I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t even thought about shopping. I’ve pencilled in a diary date to go thrifting with Katie, on the condition that I clear some dresses from my collection first. If you’re interested in joining the ban, on your own conditions, head over the link up here

Are you joining in the spending ban?
Which is your favourite look?
As always, much love,
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