For some, having a wardrobe full of patterned clothes may sound like a dream: star prints, animal prints, polka dots and florals! However, when you’re not someone who enjoys mixing prints, it can quickly begin to feel like a nightmare. Simply Be asked a handful of bloggers to describe their real moments, fashion moments when things don’t quite go to plan, and asked different fashion illustrators to depict each one. Here is my moment illustrated by the fabulous Lauren Bishop:
Lots of clothes, but nothing goes! 


I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve been late to meet John, friends, family …work, because I couldn’t make my outfit match. There have been tantrums that could rival a toddler’s, all whilst standing half-dressed, it’s so frustrating. When I was considering the 100 day spending ban, I considered banning myself from all patterns and prints. Logic took over and I decided that I just needed to buy more plain basics. So, now that I’m confined to thrift shopping, I’ll be seeking out plainer items to mix up with my patterned prints. Please tell me you have a prints problem too? Surely I can’t be alone? Surely?
I’m so pleased with Lauren’s illustration, not only because she chose to illustrate me in my favourite People Tree dress, but because it sums my real moment up perfectly: all the patterns! Ah!
What’s your real moment?
You can find out about the real moments of others by searching #simplybereal
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