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Blowin’ The Cobwebs Away

There are days when the wind blows wild, the rain won’t stop pouring and functionality wins over girly. The pretty dresses, sheer blouses and cute shoes stay home for the day and out come the tough layers: read warm, lazy Sunday wear. This weekend, the weather was so wild up here in the north, a pretty dress would have been sodden in seconds, so it was out with the parka and boots for adventuring.

On Sunday, despite the wind and rain, we drove over to Hebden Bridge, a gorgeous small market town in West Yorkshire. After a Saturday hitting the books, it was time for a change of scenery and some quality time with John. Even though the tourists had scampered, it was refreshing to find quiet streets and charity shops to dash into to hide from the rain. It’s not often I wear jeans, really, so on a brief rain break we snapped this outfit.

First up, this H! by Henry Holland coat is one of my favourite buys, ever. You should never underestimate the practicality of a parka, I should know- I have three, but I’m a huge, huge fan of basics with a twist. With its pink fur and neon trims, it’s practical but quirky all at the same time and matches everything. Did I mention it’s warm? Priorities. I popped this picture up on Instagram late Sunday night and straight away my necklace received tons of compliments. I wear it with everything, (I’m surprised you’re not sick of it!) even though it’s over two years old! A wise buy from Danish H&M. 

Outfit Details 
// Pink faux-fur lined parka :: H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams //
// Checked shirt :: YMC //
// Wedge Desert Boots :: Clarks //
// Backpack :: Fjallraven //
It feels a little odd to be featuring such a casual outfit, but strangely liberating. There are times when I crave comfy boyish outfits, although always with a sprinkle of quirk. Over the past year, I’ve really started to appreciate basics more. Since the start of the ban, I’ve been a woman on a mission, seeking out quality basics in charity shops. Although I’ve visited a total of 13 (typical) I’ve yet to find anything from my list: black skirt, black pinafore dress and knitwear. Although, with favourites like my YMC shirt in my wardrobe, who needs them anyhow?

What’s your casual look?

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