We’re almost two weeks into the high street spending ban and boy, am I feeling strong. I don’t say that with smugness, because I expect to feel the pain somewhere down the line. So far there have been no ASOS urges, Forever 21 desires nor H&M hankers, just one exception of a dose of the Topshop wantums (Cara Delevingne in that 70s paisley dress; it’s a set up). Granted we are only 11 days into the ban, but will my self-enforced rules enable me to survive on thrift for 100 days? Will this time be easier than the last? Will I be able to last longer than the 100 days? And, surely the burning question, will I actually save any money?
I named this blog post: reduce, reuse, recycle, for a reason. It’s what I’m striving to do. Last year, I held onto everything. Frightened to donate/throw away incase I needed it. One year later, the same too small, too big clothes are still sat there. Just waiting. Waiting for their day. This year, if it doesn’t fit perfectly or match anything, it’s going to the charity shop or eBay. Firm favourites are here to stay, here to be reworked and reloved into new outfits. 
You may recognise this darling pinafore dress from Frock Swap ’14. It was originally Erica’s choice from George at Asda, but I developed a crush on the floral dress of dreams. Imagine my surprise to find Erica had generously gifted me this dress in the post at Christmas. You’ll see few relatively new pieces in the basics of this outfit. The Cambridge satchel and sailor blouse are constants in my wardrobe. 

// Outfit Details //
// Floral pinafore dress* :: Erica (George at Asda) //
// Sailor blouse :: Forever21 (old) //
// Patent brogues :: F&F at Tesco //
// Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company // 

I’ve always loved this blouse from Forever21, I’ve long since forgotten the cost but it was definitely a bargain for the amount of wear I’ve had out of it. Bows, sailor collars and florals, just down my street. I’ve constantly got my eyes open for items like this when thrifting. I’ve recently visited 14 different charity shops in the space of one week. It’s not that I’ve gone out of my way to visit them, but I’ve definitely popped in as I’ve passed. Until yesterday, I’d reached a complete dry spot. Was I trying too hard? Was it the fear? What if I found nothing in the 100 days? I’m pleased to say, I’ve found myself a herringbone coat which I can’t wait to share in an outfit post. 

Are you on a spending ban?
Reduce, reuse, recycle? Could it work?
Link me up in the comments, I’d love to see how you’re getting on!
As always, much love,
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