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It was on the fourteenth charity shop visit of 2015, that I finally broke my so called dry spot. Since the start of the 100 day high street spending ban, I feared my strong belief in charity shops was about to be tested. I needn’t have worried, last week I found this tweed dress coat for the sum total of …£2. £2. Can you believe that? 

Years ago, I owned a Topshop tweed coat in petite. I wore it until it was threadbare and reluctantly had to throw it away. It matched everything and I didn’t half miss it once it was gone. This dress coat is in fine condition and makes a fine replacement. I bought it from Cats Protection, a local charity shop down the road from where I live. It’s a great shop, filled to the brim with unusual treasures and so reasonably priced. When I visited, they had an immaculate Hornsea Pottery tea set for a mere £3!

A few months ago, I wrote about reinventing your wardrobe for free, all with the help of your summer clothes. Well, a quick dig revealed this ASOS black midi skirt. Purchased in summer, I’d barely given it a moment’s thought since. You’ll recognise this paisley collared beaut, it’s really a dress (which you saw, here) and with the help of this midi skirt, I’ve turned it into a top. Why? Well, why not get as much wear out of one item as you can?
Outfit Details
// Tweed coat :: Cats Protection (originally New Look) //
// Paisley dress :: Billie and Blossom at Dorothy Perkins //
// Black midi skirt :: ASOS //
// Loafers :: F&F at Tesco //
// Mustard Scarf :: Urban Outfitters (old) //
So,the burning question, am I seeing the financial benefit of the spending ban? Yes. A huge resounding yes. It’s getting towards pay day and I still have pennies in my bank account. Not only in my bank account, but there’s pounds in my savings tub too. Could this self-confessed shopaholic really be changing her ways? Charity shops willing, I’ll be documenting each and every thrifty find during the 100 day ban and labelling them ‘What I Thrifted’. 
Could you ban yourself from the high street?
What have you found recently?
As always, much love,
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