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What I Thrifted #2 :: The Polka Dot Dress

When I’m feeling pleased with myself, I like to mark it with a reward trip to the high street. Who doesn’t, right? However, now that I’m banned from high street shopping, I’m having to rethink this simple treat. To satisfy my shopping urge, I went thrifting and was rewarded with this brand new, tagged polka dot dress.
Whilst it’s certainly not the weather for a short-sleeved dress at the moment, teamed with a simple knitted cream jumper it’s definitely winter appropriate. The weather may have worked in my favour, as I was charged a mere £2 for this brand new Dorothy Perkins dress due to the reason that it was ‘very thin’. However, sometimes things really are too good to be true…on my return, I realised its previous owner had chopped of just one of the fabric ties. Fixable, but annoying.

At the moment, the high street ban is the best thing that could have happened to me. I’m revitalizing my love of clothes because when I go thrifting, I shop with an open mind. I know that I’ll be able to afford whatever takes my fancy, so everything becomes an option. Whenever I see an outfit I like, I wonder if I can create something similar by thrifting.

Am I saving money? Well, I’d like to think I am… but the truth is, it’s too soon to tell. I’ve spent £16 in charity shops since the start of the ban, which is less than a month. I’ve gained a coat, two dresses, a cardigan and a pair of heels; we’ll have to wait and see if I wear them to know if they’re value for money. 

Outfit Details
// Polka dot dress :: Charity shop (Originally Dorothy Perkins) //
// Cream knitted jumper :: H&M //
// Necklace :: H&M //
// Waxed Parka :: Topshop //
// Brogues :: Hudson //
// Handbag :: Charity shop (Originally Nica) //
Without a doubt, I’ll be wearing this dress again. Whether it’s with red heels and pin curls for a pin up look, or layered with a mustard cardigan for a casual look: it’s a definite keeper. With the good fortune I seem to have had recently, I’ve decided to clear out my wardrobe and share my unloved dresses equally between each of the charity shops I’ve purchased from. Some may argue that by making a purchase you are making a difference, but to me, it’s important to keep the cycle going. You never know, that item of yours may just give someone else the giddy bumps! 
What have you thrifted recently?
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